Your Only Move Is HUSTLE – How to Prevent Quits and Disconnects

And in the process, maybe get the 50 win achievement.

Pre-Match Preparations

Make sure you do not join a noob lobby as those players are the most likely to quit. Instead, choosing a decently populated lobby with seemingly experienced players will yield the best results.

Turn 1

Obviously a lot of players are gonna get tilted if you parry or gain the advantage in any way on turn 1. The trick here is to make an intentionally bad move in a way that does not put you in too much of a disadvantage. Use DI in early game and let the player hit you or something.

Mid-Game Tip

After turn 1, try your best to get out of being combo’d (using DI or burst). Play as you normally would with only one rule: Let them burst. Never try to parry or dodge burst no matter how easy it is to read. You have to make them think they have a chance at coming back, not utterly destroy them. Especially do not read a burst during the late game.

Another tip I would recommend is probably to lower your health bar a bit more (at least half). Make it seem like a close game.

End Game/Finishing

This is probably the toughest part of the match, as your opponent can quit at any time if they feel they are going to lose. One thing I would suggest is that you be a good sport toward your opponent as that makes them less inclined to leave. However, even with all the techniques I have told you, there is still a chance of your opponent quitting/disconnecting. This just decreases the chances of that.

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