Your Turn To Die -Death Game By Majority- How to Defeat Maple

How to get past Maple with a simple guide.

Maple #1

  • Choose Ranmaru to be the decoy
  • Have Sara pound on the door
  • Get Sara to go behind Maple
  • Push the yellow button

Maple #2

  • Have Mai read the letter
  • Have Ranmaru give the letter back
  • Have Sou or Kanna accept the handkerchief from Maple
  • Have Q-taro tell a joke
  • Have Sou or Kanna give the handkerchief back
  • Chat using Hinako
  • Listen using Alice or Reko
  • Once you fill about 3/4 of the bar full, have Anzu reconcile

Maple #3

  • Splash water on the Angry AI using Gin
  • Invite the Angry AI using Q-taro
  • Intimidate the Sneering AI using Hinako
  • Provoke the Angry AI using Reko or Alice
  • Persuade the Sorrowful AI using Kanna or Sou
  • Invite the Sorrowful AI using Q-taro

Maple Hints

For #1
  • Maple usually follows a routine. Going from Angry -> Sad -> Happy.
  • If Maple is angry, you can’t use Sara to get behind her
  • If Maple is sad, press the blue button, if happy press the yellow button
For #2
  • It goes through patterns the same as #1.
  • If she’s sad, you either give the letter back or the handkerchief back
  • If she is happy, you have Sou or Kanna accept the handkerchief, chat with Hinako, or have Kurumada tell a joke
  • If she’s angry, have Q-taro make a joke or use Reko or Alice to listen to her feelings
For #3
  • Against Angry AI, invite using Q-taro, or provoke using Reko or Alice
  • Against Sneering AI, intimidate using Hinako, or provoke using Reko or Alice
  • Against Sorrowful AI, invite using Q-taro, persuade using Kanna or Sou
  • Against Frightened AI, intimidate using Hinako, or persuade using Kanna or Sou
  • You can realistically use Gin for any of the AI
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