Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel – Tier 1 Classic Dark Magician Deck Build

Greetings everyone, in this sharing, I will reveal a simple way to upgrade my nearly tier zero deck without spending any money. To clarify, I didn’t create this deck from scratch. Instead, I modified it with some adjustments to enhance its performance. In this deck, we’ve incorporated commonly available cards that can be obtained from the game itself. For those who are new to the Yugioh universe, the game features specific bundles known as a booster or starter packs. Notably, in this particular deck, about 80% of the cards are from the starter pack, which makes it easy to assemble and use against your opponents, leaving them stunned and ready to give up. With that being said, let’s delve straight into the content without any delay.

Classic Dark Magician Deck Build

Main Deck

  • 3x Dark magician
  • 3x Magicians’ Souls
  • 1x Magikuriboh
  • 1x Magician’s Robe
  • 3x Magician’s Rod
  • 2x Ash Blossom (not include in starter deck you need craft or pull in master pack)
  • 1x Chocolate Magician Girl
  • 1x Dark Magician Girl
  • 1x Apprentice IIIusion Magician
  • 1x Magician of dark IIIusion
  • 1x Choronicle Magician
  • 1x Timaesus The united Dragon
  • 1x Niburu ( not include in started deck you need craft or pull specific booster pack.)
  • 2x Magician of chaos
  • 2x IIIusion of Chaos
  • 1x The eyes of timaesus
  • 1x Bond Between Teacher and Student
  • 1x Magician’s salvation
  • 1x Chaos Form
  • 2x Dark magical Circle
  • 1x Piercing the darkness
  • 1x super poly (not include in starter deck you need craft or pull in booster pack)
  • 1x dark burning magic
  • 2x Soul servant
  • 1x Secrets of dark magic
  • 1x Dark renewal
  • 1x Magician navigation
  • 1x Infinite impermanence (not include in starter deck you need craft or buy special pack or pull in master pack.)
  • 2x eternal soul

Extra Deck

  • 1x Dark magician girl the dragon knight
  • 1x amulet dragon
  • 1x starving venom fusion dragon (not include in starter pack)
  • 1x dark magician the dragon knight
  • 1x dark cavalry (not include in starter pack
  • 2x The dark magicians
  • 2x master of chaos
  • 1x ebon IIIusion magician (not include in starter pack)
  • 1x ebon high magician ( not include in starter pack)
  • 1x link spider (not include in starter pack , you need beat tutorial)
  • 1x knightmare phoenix(not include in starter pack)
  • 1x knightmare unicorn (not include in starter pack)
  • 1x black luster soldier -soldier of chaos(not include in starter pack)
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