Zarathustra Cybergeddon Walkthrough and Tips

A complete walkthrough with 100% achievements and everything else.


This is a guide to Zarathustra: Cybergeddon, an atmospheric cyberpunk graphic adventure by Tim Rachor. As usually I recommend playing the game with no guide at all to fully enjoy te challenge, and then using this help if you get stuck or to find any hidden stuff and secret that you missed.

Version 1.0:

The game has not been fully released yet, so the walkthrough will be updated with each new chapter.

Walkthrough – Day 1

FBI Headquarters
Check the locker for a Quantum Matrix Scanner, talk to Tanaka and Ramírez if you want, then get out of there.

Cathedral of Lytton
Talk to Officer Goodmen, then look around, you’ll find a Toy Robot on a church bench.
Use the robot on your Digipad to get an aundio file.
Try to enter the studio to meet the Bishop Atura and talk to him, then leave.

Neon District Police
Ask Sonny about Officer McCarthy at the Front Desk, you will get a phone number.
Enter the Waiting Room and talk to Phelps. Use the Digipad on him to show him the record.

Cathedral of Lytton
Use the Digipad on the Bishop, he’ll offerto translate it for tomorrow.

Convenience Store
Buy a copy of the book and a diary, then check the Digipad to read about the woman’s pic.

Neon District Police
Show Sonny your Digipad to identify the woman: Anna Steel.

Vohu Manah Station
Ask about the woman at the Information Desk to get a password.
Use the password in the Information Terminal to open a new Exit to Abandoned Station, go in.
Find a hidden phone next to the tracks.
Try to go further inside, but Amy will suggest some reinforcements would be nice.

FBI Headquarters
Go to Forensics, give the phone and use all options.
Go to the Locker Room and ask Tanaka for help. She’s the reinforcements.

Vohu Manah Station
Go to the Abandoned Station and into the tunnels to get in trouble.
Take the bullet shell.
Go further into the station to find a…train?
Check Cavity to find McCarthy and take the device from his chest.

Cathedral of Lytton
Inform the Bishop about who’s now in charge (That’s you!).
Enter the study, check the scratches, try to move the shelf and leave.
You’ll receive a message about Minister Williams being ready for interrogation.

Neon District Police
Talk to Minister Williams about the shelf.

FBI Headquarters
Show the Strange Device on the Forensic Officer, also the Bullet Shell.

Cathedral of Lytton
Enter the Study. Open the shelf to find the Missing Book and Whisky.
Combine both books to find that some pages are missing.
Talk to the Bishop, then leave.

At this point you should be suggested to call it a day, though you can still do a couple not necessary things.

FBI Headquarters
Show the book to Forensic Officer for prints, not useful.

Neon District Police
Tell Minister Williams about the book, and she denies hiding it.

Araska Tower
Some optional stuff before going to bed. You can grab a glass from the cabinet and drink your free Whisky, check the note on the fridge.
Go to the bedroom. Look at the cage for an interesting conversation or also Jeff’s digipad on the desk. Go to sleep.

Walkthrough – Day 2

Good morning! Open the fridge for that chicken-parmesan!
Use the wardrobe for a suit and leave for briefing.

Neon Temple
Check your Digipad for some info on the translation by the Bishop.
Show the book to Reverend Jacobs to get the Book Store location.

Talk to the Coroner, take and read the Notes.

Book Store
Show the book to Mr Corso.
Use your Scanner (blue dot next to your inventory).
Show the Notes to Mr. Corso to find the invisible ink.

Use the Notes with the Fingerprint Analyzer to get a combniation: 8733.

Neon District Police
Talk to Sonny at the front desk about Mr Corso’s parking debts.

Book Store
Push him about his parking fines for a translation of the book.

Vohu Manah Station
Ask at the Information Desk about the lockers, go into the lockers area and look at the occupied locker. Use combination: 8733.
Get McCarthy’s Pad showing a yellow symbol.

FBI Headquarters
Show McCarthy’s Pad to the Forensic Officer and leave.

Tanaka will tell you to meet at Flavor Palace for lunch.

Flavor Palace
Talk to Tanaka to activate the Highway location with a hint about Kingsport. Then leave.

FBI Headquarters
Change your clothes in the locker room using the Armor Manager

Get to a house in Kingsport.

Aaron’s House
Check the wiring, and everythin else, then talk to girl.
Check your DigiPad to find that she also owns the house.
Talk again and get inside.

Once inside, look at a Pile of Stuff to find a Videogame (Brain Bait).
Give the Videogame to the girl outside for the computer password and go back inside.
Use the computer to find a poem-hint. Look at teh photos on the wall. Find the Hidden Safe under the carpet.
Order the numbers of the photos, from the youngest to the oldest one. Code: 460379
Use the code to open the Hidden Save, get the envelope and get out.

Things go wild again and you find yourself next to a Car Crass.

Car Crash
Check Aaron for a Scrap of Paper and read it for some numbers.
Check the Maintenance Drone and the Empty Socket in its circuits.
Check the Drone Pieces until you get on that fits into the socket. Put it in and read the screen.
Combine the Scrap of Paper with the Envelope, then look at your Digipad to find a location down the Abandoned Station. You can leave now.

FBI Headquarters
Change clothes again at the Armor Manager and leave.

Time to go home.

Araska Tower
The Bishop will call. After that, go to the bedroom and fall on the bed.

Walkthrough – Day 3

Morning! Try to leave to find a present from Mr. Grey…i mean Jeff. Open it, then really leave for briefing.

Atura Residence
Talk to the Bishop, agree to give him the information.
Talk to the Guard about Anna Steel, he takes your number.

Talk to the Coroner, get Aaron’s family contact. Use your Digipad to talk to his mother.

Kingdom Hospital
Ask for a doctor at the Front Desk, use your Digipad to get a number (51), then ask again.
Talk to the sleeping patient -now awake, so kind of you- to ask for switching numbers.

Convenience Store
Buy Bunnyhouse Magazine and… Normal Kink Magazine for yousrelf. You can read the articles.

Book Store
Ask Mr. Corso for a book cover, take one from the box, then combine it with the Bunnyhouse Magazine..

Kingdom Hospital
Give the Hidden Magazine to the now Awake Patient. Get into the Doctor Room.
Lay in bed for something creepy.
Check the Trash Bin for some scissors, find an object – a Neural Device- under the bed.
Call the Doctor, then get out.
Talk to the Receptionist and then to the Security Officer.
If you forget any item you can talk to the Receptionist to get into the room again.

FBI Headquarters
Show Neural Device to the Forensic Officer.

Book Store
Ask Mr. Corso about this “Yellow King”, he points to the Bishop.

Atura Residence
Now you can’t go through the sleepy guard, but try.

Convenience Store
Get a Coffee To-Go

Atura Residence
Give some coffee to the sleepy guard and he will allow you in.
Talk to the Bishop. Most useless visit ever.

Book Store
Talk Mr. Corso for a hint on convincing the Bishop.

Atura Residence
Talk one more time to th Bishop, now take a seat to hear some long story.

Vohu Manah Station
Talk to Ramírez, enter the tunnels and explore, using the arrows to find the locations for the first time. The Grate and Machine locations are useless now, but you can explore them and talk to the FBI officer about the machine.

Observe the Glinting Object, then te Lock, then shoot the Lock with your Gun.
Take the First Metal Piece.

Sewer Camp
Talk to everyone. Look at the Fire, then talk to the Boy.
Trade the Toy Robot for the Second Metal Piece.
Show any Metal Piece to the Man to learn that he has one in his Cast.
Cut the Cast with the Scissors to get the Third Metal Piece.
Check the Cardboard Boxes for a Small Key.

Try to cut the Moss with the Scissors just to fail.

Take a Bone Chisel from the right Panel and leave.

Vohu Manah Station
On your way down, you can talk to Ramírez about his raise.

Use the Bone Chisel on the Moss and put the three Metal Pieces on the Axis.
Use McCarthys Digipad to see the symbol then form it to open the door.

Secret Room
Look around, open the Cabinet with the Small Key, take the List and leave.

Neon Disctrict Police Station
Show the List to Sonny to ask for surveillance.

Finally, the day is over.

Araska Tower
Time to order some pizza, sit on the couch, and go to sleep for more sweet dreams.

Officer Bonds, I presume
If you are familiar with Sierra adventure games, Lytton should ring a bell. But if right after that you find an officer by the name of Sonny, there’s no more space for coincidence. Sonny Bonds, from Lytton Police Department, is the main character of the Police Quest series by Sierra On-Line.

Master Chief
At some point you can look at a poster to find the main character of Halo: Combat Evolved, Master Chief.

Brain Bait
During your investigation you come across a videogame by the name of Brain Bait. If that name doesn’t sound familiar you should check the Steam Store, as it’s a real game also by Tim Rachor, and it’s really fun!

Tim, that foodie
We can feel that Tim Rachor enjoys eating, as we have a close pic of food every time it is possible. But even more, at some point you can choose your fav pizza and the pic changes according to your order, from veggie to pepperoni or even…YES, even hawaiian. That’s a bold choice!

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