Zoo Park Story Achievements Walkthrough Guide

A condensed guide to the Steam achievements for Kairosoft’s Zoo Park Story.

We are Animal Explorers

Proof of completing a search for the first time.

  • At Year 1, Month 8 Bunbury will unlock Expeditions. Simply send a few animals out on an expedition to earn the achievement. You can access this by going to Menu > Animals > Explore.

Zoo where you can see the wild

Proof that you set up the Safari zone.

  • After the zoo reaches Rank 5, you can start placing safari tiles. Just placing a safari tile will unlock the achievement. You can check on your zoo rank by going to Menu > Manage > Zoo Guide.

Tips: The goals on the Zoo Guide screen are what rank up the zoo over time.

Now you are an animal doctor!

Proof of having 50% of animals in the zoo.

  • This achievement is rewarded for essentially collecting animals for your zoo. The Encyclopedia displays your progress toward this goal. Check it out at Menu > Info > Encyclopedia at the top right of the book.

Tips: New species and babies are their own entries so be sure to explore new Expeditions and breed your animals.

The Kingdom of Animals

Proof of running the zoo for many years.

  • The game ends and tallies your score at Year 11, Month 4. You can keep playing after this, of course.

Lots of friends and animals!

Proof of having 15 SNS friends.

  • SNS is basically the in-game social media in Zoo Park Story. As new guests start to visit the park they will post about their adventures and become your in-game friends. New animals bring new guests. You can view your friendships by clicking the Social button on the top right of the game screen.

Tips: Running Expeditions for new animals is likely the fastest way to invite new guests to the park. Run Expeditions from Menu > Animals > Explore.

I have raise a cat

Proof that Kairobot has visited the zoo.

  • Eventually Kairo Island guests will start visiting your zoo. Kairobot is one of those guests but they won’t visit until you have a Skyfish in your zoo.

Tips: Kairo Island guests appeared for me around Rank 7, while the skyfish animal is not available until Rank 8. The skyfish is located in the Unknown Island expedition. Go to Menu > Animals > Explore > Unknown Island to recruit.

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