1971 Project Helios

1971 Project Helios Trophy List and Guide for PS4

Developer and publisher RECO Technology released the official 1971 Project Helios trophy list and guides for PlayStation 4.

In 1971 Project Helios, players will be collecting 39 trophies consisting of 30 bronze, 3 silver, 5 gold, and 1 platinum. 4 out of 39 trophies are secret in which we already revealed. Check out the full 1971 Project Helios trophy for PS4 below.

1971 Project Helios Trophies

World 1-1Complete Level 1
It's dangerous to go alone! Take this.Find the Fulgor Tank
TriforceUse fulgor to defreeze, decrease cooldown. and reanimate (in the same combat)
Allez!Émile killed 30 enemies
The White DeathHanna killed 30 enemies
Your machete... will killRenzo killed 30 enemies
Beauty and the BeastAme killed 30 enemies
Anon por-ghal!Wilhelm killed 30 enemies
Once Upon a DecemberAlina killed 30 enemies
I'll make a man out of youAlexei killed 30 enemies
May the Fulgor be with youDomi killed 30 enemies
Rival BattleKill 30 Scavengers
Witness meKill 100 Scavengers
The Blood DomeKill 200 Scavengers
Little Drummer BoyKill 30 Wintersöhne
Rebel RebelKill 100 Wintersöhne
Death StarKill 200 Wintersöhne
Much that once was is lost...Kill 30 Kaphirites
Nobody expected...Kill 100 Kaphirites
The Masque of the Red DeathKill 200 Kaphirites
Good Morning SunshineUse a grenade to remove stun from an ally unit
Nerf this!Kill 3 or more enemy units with a single grenade
Play of the GameDo "Overwatch + Push" combo 5 times
Nothing is true. Everything is permitted.Do "Adrenaline + Squad Sight" combo 5 times
A trifling victory... but a victory nonethelessKill a Blade
Blade RunnerKill all the Blades
Gud Hooman (Secret)Pet Ricotta in the Campfire (Secret)
It's been 84 years... (Secret)Wait 4 minutes without doing any action in your turn (in combat) (Secret)
Für Das Größere Wohl (Secret)Finish level 7 with Wilhelm in your squad (Secret)
Filled with Determination (Secret)Lose and replay the same combat 3 times (Secret)
A deal is a dealReach Ending 1 (and complete its Epilogue)
I surrender voluntarilyReach Ending 2 (and complete its Epilogue)
Who is Émile?Reach Ending 3 (and complete its Epilogue)
A new New DawnKill the Master
SmartfriendRead all Campfire dialogues
The first stoneFinish the game for the first time
The Whole PictureReach the three Endings (and complete the three Epilogues)
Gotta catch 'em allFind all documents in the game
BreathtakingUnlock all other trophies