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How To Get 50% Discount For a 12 Month PlayStation Plus Subscription

Black Friday and Cyber Monday for this year are just around the corner. And for many internet geek fans, it’s the best time to buy their favorite items and valuables online. While we’re a few days away from the Black Friday, some retail shops already started releasing deals for their customers.

One of the deals that are already available right now is Wallmart’s discounted 12 month PlayStation Plus subscription. If you visit the online shop right now, you can see that you only have to pay $39.99 for a year of PS Plus subscription. That’s a 33% discount from its original price. While the offer is already giving us a good dead, you can actually rip it more until you hit a 50% discount. Which means you can get the 1-year PS Plus subscription for just $29.99.

Save $30 For a 12 Month PS Plus Subscription

Unfortunately, this method is only applicable if you’re a new Wallmart customer. If you already have an account at Wallmart, just create a new one to get this deal.

After you’re logged in with your new Wallmart account, go to this page and hit the add to cart button. In the checkout page, use the promo code Ellen10, giving you another $10 discount. Proceed to the payment and you only need to pay $29.99.

All thanks to Ellen DeGeneres, a comedian talk show host of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, who just recently announced a $10 discount to all new customers of Wallmart’s online shop. While Ellen10 discount code will be available until December 31st, the PlayStation Plus discount will be ending anytime soon. Before the promo ends, make sure to grab yourself a 12 month PS Plus subscription.

Meanwhile, you can also grab another discounted 1-year PS Plus subscription at Amazon. However, the Ellen10 discount coupon code is not available on the store at the moment.

Update #1: It seems like Wallmart has fixed this double discount checkout. Congrats to all the fans who have successfully claimed the $30 1-year PS Plus subscription. While you can’t use this discount anymorr, you can still avail the discounted subscription from the same store.

Update #2: Alternative discount that you can grab right now:

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