Facebook Outage

Facebook Outage: Newsfeed, Comments, and Pictures Not Loading (Nov. 6th)

Facebook is one of the largest and most populated social media in the world. But even with big data centers, it seems that they are still having some technical issues.

Reported earlier today, many Facebook users are experiencing Facebook App downtime and other issues. What could be the reason why this issue is happening and how to fix it?

Facebook Down Reports

Unfortunately, thousands of users are reporting that their Facebook newsfeed is not loading. Several states in the US are affected, along with some random reports coming from Europe and Asia.

I’m currently in Singapore right now and when I tested it, I can tell that there is an issue. I used my two devices, the iPhone 11 and One Plus 6. Using an iPhone 11, I faced no issue but when I tried on my Android, I am getting a blank white screen when loading the app. I tried reinstalling the app but it seems that the issue still exists.

Apart from the blank white screen, it seems that other users are also experiencing other Facebook outages such as unable to load the photos, comments are not being sent, and random Facebook app crashes.

Currently, Facebook hasn’t released any statement about this matter. In the meantime, we highly recommend bookmarking and checking this page for more updates.

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