Ace of Diamond

Ace of Diamond Act II Will Be Taking a Break for 2 Months

A leak revealed that the manga Ace of Diamond Act II, also known as Diamond no Ace: Act II, by Yuji Terajima will be put on hiatus for two months starting in issue 29 of Weekly Shonen Magazine on June 16, 2021.

Serialization will be resumed in issue 36/37 of the magazine scheduled for August 4, 2021. According to the leak, the 2-month break is due to a series of interviews in which the author will participate.

Terajima started releasing Ace of Diamond in 2006 and finished the first part in January 2015 with 47 volumes. Ace of Diamond Act II began to be published in August 2015.

The Ace of Diamond manga in 2013 inspired a 75-episode anime series and in April 2015 debuted Ace of Diamond: Second Season with 51 episodes.

About Ace of Diamond

The series follows Eijun Sawamura, a baseball pitcher who developed a very unusual changeup pitch on his own. Sawamura intends to go to a local high school with his friends and play baseball to the best of their abilities.

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