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One Piece Chapter 971 Reveals Why Oden Danced Naked in the Capital

Following the one-week break, Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece Chapter 971 is finally set to release this week. One Piece series followers are now all excited to read the latest manga chapter and learn what will be the next move for the Kozuki Clan.

The previous chapter titled “Oden vs Kaido” features the intense battle between the two powerful forces in the Wano Country. While this event happened in the past, we got to see how strong Oden was. The chapter also officially revealed the question of how and who scarred Kaido.

One Piece Chapter 971 Spoilers

The initial details of the upcoming chapter have been leaked. According to the spoilers shared on Reddit, Chapter 971 will be covering more of Oden’s flashback story. Kozuki Oden and the others are still alive in this chapter.

Shinobu, who was not captured during the battle between Kaido and Oden, outraged of what happened and revealed the reason why Oden danced naked in the Capital. Upon learning the reason, others wanted to pursue justice by taking down the Kurozumi clan. Meanwhile, Orochi has been spotted complaining about what they did to his family.

One Piece Chapter 971 Release Date

As previously announced, the One Piece latest manga chapter will officially return this week. The digital scans of One Piece Chapter 971 are usually released earlier, so expect to read the chapter this weekend. Meanwhile, the printout copy will also be available in the WSJ magazine issue which is set to become available on February 17th.

Where to read One Piece Chapter 971 online?

There are lots of websites offering free access to the latest manga chapter. Most of these sources are not authorized to distribute the manga and are only relying on the early leak and scanlations from the community.

To read One Piece 971 with accurate English translations, just visit the official One Piece manga distributor such as Viz Media. The recently released mobile app named Manga Plus by Shueisha is also offering free access to the One Piece manga.