Across the Obelisk Update 1.0.1 Patch Notes

Across the Obelisk

Developer Dreamsite Games has rolled out the newest Across the Obelisk update 1.0.1 earlier today. In line with this update, you can find the breakdown and full patch changelog below.

The new update for Across the Obelisk is now available for download on Steam. The focus of update 1.0.1 is quality life improvements, some enemy balancing, monster card changes, and more.

To know more about this patch, you can find the full Steam changelog here. Moreover, you can check the summarized patch notes below.

Across the Obelisk Update 1.0.1 Patch Notes

Quality of Life

  • We have introduced a new button to restart the Loot and Card reward screens in case you selected the wrong items or cards. In co-op only the host will be able to restart these screens, but any player will be able to push the button and the host will receive a notification that a player wants to restart.
  • From now on items will be unlocked when they appear (like cards), without the need to equip them. Unlocking items only affects the completion of the tome of knowledge.
  • When you are at an event, you will be able to hide/show the event screen and look at the map before making a decision.
  • Now when one of your characters dies because of an enemy attack, the death window will show what card caused it, so you will be able to understand what happened (in a more relaxed way). Speaking of this, we are working on a combat log that will make it easier to follow the combat status at every moment.
  • We have switched the order of activation of Double Shot and Elven Agility, now Double Shot will be activated first, resulting in a copy of the ranged attack at cost 0 first and then if there is still card space left in your hand, Elven Agility will be activated.
  • Cards that give other cards, such as the Icicle Barrage or the Grimoire of Flames, will have the name of the given card colored according to the card’s upgrade (yellow, blue or purple).
  • Finally, there is an option in settings that allows you to restart a combat once you die and try it again. We have made this option active by default.

Balance Changes for Enemies

  • Some small adjustments so that those enemies in Act 4, and in normal mode, have a little less endurance (and the combat becomes a little more agile).

Monster Card Changes

  • Entrench (Vanguards): Slightly reduced Block charges and reduced Fortify to 1 (from 2).
  • Dark/Sacred Guard (Vanguards): Slightly reduced Block charges, (blue version – Knights) reduced Mitigate charges to 3 (from 4).
  • Stronghold (Royal Guards – Knights): Reduced Fortify charges to 1 (from 2).
  • Stone Wall, yellow version, (Stone elemental): Reduced Mitigate to 3 (from 4).
  • Antimagic Field, yellow version, (Spellbinder): Reduced Mitigate to 3 (from 4).
  • Desecration (Dark Knight): Dark charges reduced to 1 (from 2), Chill charges increased to 3 (from 2).
  • Transcendence (Monks): Reduced the Jump healing bonus to 20% (from 30%).
  • Purify (Angels): Reduced the Heal done slightly.
  • Sacred Ceremony (Angels): Reduced the Heal done slightly.
  • Shield Generator -enchantment- (Oddball): Reduced Shield and Block charges slightly.
  • Hardening -enchantment- (Obsidian Elemental): Reduced uses to 2 (from 3), yellow version to 3 (from 4).
  • Earth Guard -enchantment- (Champion – Rocco): Reduced Fortify charges to 1 (from 2), uses reduced to 2 (from 3).
  • Ice Fall -enchantment- (Dracomancer – Fred): Increased damage slightly in all versions.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a problem displaying the incorrect amount of team perk quantity when resetting the perks of a hero that was part of the team in the Hero selection screen.
  • Fixed a problem that was preventing mouse interaction with cards in the Tome of Knowledge when the Perk system was active.
  • Fixed a problem with Dark producing secondary explosions when some perks were active for the team.