War on the Sea

War on the Sea Update 1.01 Patch Notes Released

Developer and publisher has released the first patch for their newest strategy-simulation game, War on the Sea. The new War on the Sea update 1.01 has been released just a day after the official launch of the game.

As seen in the official changelog, the new update has addressed some of the early issues that have been reported in the campaign mode of the game. The patch also includes some general fixes such as UI scaling, fixing of incorrect toggle options, and many more.

For those who are interested, you can check the full update changelog of this new update for War on the Sea below.

War on the Sea Update 1.01 Patch Notes


  • UI scaling Added to Options/Video.
  • UI auto-scales down for displays under 864 px high.
  • Fixed incorrect Option toggles inadvertently setting fullscreen mode.
  • Fixed Coral Sea to Midway typo in campaign tutorial.
  • ALT DIRECTOR now correctly named in the weapons panel.
  • BACK out of loading Single Mission returns to mission list.
  • Renamed menu START buttons to CONTINUE when loading a file.
  • Aircraft and ships that leave the engagement zone are no longer counted as destroyed at combat end (for campaigns too).
  • Tutorial: Campaign set New Hebrides port and airfield to rank 4 so they can be upgraded.
  • Submarines: SCOPE or SILENT effects all subs in combat – could not reproduce, working for us even if all subs selected when issuing the command.


  • Campaign Autosave activated, the setting is in config.txt.
  • Campaign Autosaves prior to entering the 3D world.
  • Custom Missions correctly limited to 10 ships in a group.
  • Aircraft encounters should no longer lock the campaign.
  • Capped aircraft at 12 when launching a flight.
  • Capped at 12 aircraft when creating an engagement.
  • Capped each group at 12 aircraft when loading a campaign.
  • Ignoring enemy aircraft now sticks and does not need to be reapplied.
  • Merging more than 10 ships total caps recipient group at 10 members.
  • COMMAND POINT total correctly displayed after Release/Repair ships.
  • Aircraft numbers no longer duplicate on landing a flight.
  • Closing group panel now cancels navigation mode.
  • Cycling to a new group or location also cancels navigation mode.
  • Submarines now correctly reload torpedoes at start of campaign engagements.

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