Ain Dodo

Ain Dodo Achievement Guide

This guide will be covering the steps on how to get the 100% achievements in Aid Dodo. For those who are planning to obtain all achievements in Ain Dodo, this guide is for you.

Ain Dodo Achievement Guide


  • Beat Akai. Shoot Akai quickly, almost using full auto-fire (~6-8 shots). Once Akai is dead, huddle in the lower-left corner, shooting any of the smaller lava bubbles ONLY if they are getting close to you.


  • Beat Sankaku. Use full auto-fire to kill the red triangle (~6-7 shots), while moving right to avoid its shots at you. Jump to the gray platform on the right, and shoot the yellow triangle only when it is just to the left of you (this will take some waiting, 3 shots).


  • Beat Hi. Defeat as fast as possible, using almost full-auto fire (~8-10 shots). You have limited windows to shoot Hi while it is going down towards the lava or just coming out of it.


  • Beat Tori. The feathers are pretty easy to avoid, and you’re probably short on ammo, so take safe shots when Tori is not moving as fast (3 shots).

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