Airborne Kingdom

Airborne Kingdom Black Screen and Game Crash Fix

This guide will be covering the steps on how to fix the black screen and PC crashing when launching the Airborne Kingdom. If you’re one of the players who have been experiencing this issue, then make sure to check the following guides below.

Since the release of Airborne Kingdom, many players have been reporting that the game has been crashing on their PC. Some of them are even experiencing game crashing on launch. To help you fix this issue, below are the handful of solutions that you can use.

Airborne Kingdom

How to Fix Airborne Kingdom Black Screen and Crashes

Administrative Rights

Let’s start with the most common reasons why you are getting this game crashes and black screen issues. The first one is the administrative rights of the program on your computer. All you have to do is right-click the game and choose “Run the Game as Administrator”. If this method did not work, then we still have lots of fixes that you can try.


Another reason why Airborne Kingdom keeps on crashing on PC is your antivirus. Antivirus companies have been usually updating their software to tighten security. There’s a chance that the game’s executable file (.exe) is being marked as a virus.

If you download the game from the official site such as Steam or Epic Game Store, we’re 100% sure that the game files are safe. So, you have to exclude the .exe of Airborne Kingdom and see if the problem has been solved.

System Drivers

For players who tried the 2 steps above but still can’t fix the issue, another cause of the game crash and a black screen is your outdated drivers. Below, we have included the links where you can get the latest updates for your system.


For players who have been getting black screen issues, one of the reasons for this is the compatibility of the game resolution and your monitor. If you’re getting a black screen after launching the game, use the keyboard shortcut to exit the fullscreen mode by hitting the Alt + Enter combo.

Are you still having an issue after doing our recommended troubleshooting above? If yes, our best suggestion is to reach the official support of the Airborne Kingdom.

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