Albert Innovation Achievement Walkthrough Guide

This article will be covering the complete steps on how to get all achievements in Albert Innovation.

Unmissable Story Achievements

There are two achievements you will get by following the game.

Is someone there?

  • By entering the office of the director.

First Day!

  • Awarded as soon as you reach the basement by following the story, and not going home earlier.

Missable During Playthrough

There are two achievements which might cause some problems to find.


Listen to all the kaptyphones.

There are three kaptyphones you will need to find.

One can be found where you find the Multitool

The desk where the Multitool sits and some nuts and bolts

Look to your right and there is the area where the kaptyphone can be found

One can be found in the room in the generator room.

This door will close the first time you try to access it, immediately after switching on the generator.

One will be found where you have to power-up the elevator

Opposite of the elevator is another hallway. When you enter the hallway on your right there will be a door. Open this door to find this kaptyphone


Find the hideout.

This one can be found after you have fallen down the vent. The vent is entered in the director’s office, then you will have a storage room and another vent. In this vent something will happen, and after you exit there is a long hallway where you end in a T-intersection. Go left and at the end you will find three plaques for employees of the month. Just before there is a short stairs down.

In the corner of this area near to the plaques there is a hole in the wall.

Crouch (C) and enter this area. Follow the hall till the end, and the achievement will pop.

Not today.
You did what ?!

For the “Not Today” achievement you will have to go to the front door and leave. This is not as easy as it sounds, as you will have to find your way to the director’s office first, and make certain the door is powered.

  • Power on the generator
  • Get the fuse by recycling nuts and bolts
  • Place the fuse
  • Go back to the start of the game and use the front door

This will unlock the “Not Today” achievement.

Full Walkthrough Guide

  1. Proceed towards the reception area where a bell is located.
  2. Select the bell and press the “E” key when it’s highlighted.
  3. After receiving information through the speakers, the door will unlock.
  4. Enter the door by pressing “E” again.
  5. Continue until you reach the area in front of the “Director’s Office.”
  6. Now, the game will prompt you to turn on the power.
  7. Go left, just before reaching the “Director’s Office” door.
  8. Follow the signs leading to the “Power Room.”
  9. Open the door and enter the generator room.
  10. Continue straight ahead and notice the eyes to your right.
  11. Press “E” on the generator switch.
  12. Turn around and go left; the door will close behind you.
  13. Return to the previous area and proceed straight to “Engineering.”
  14. Thoroughly check all the areas and rooms in “Engineering” to collect all the nuts and bolts.
  15. At the end of the hallway, you’ll encounter two rooms: one on the left with a lock (indicated by a light) and another on the right with a normal door.
  16. Enter the room on the right, where you’ll find nuts and bolts on a desk, as well as a Multitool.
  17. Pick up the Multitool and then look to the right of the desk to find a big hole in the wall.
  18. Enter this area to find the first kaptyphone.
  19. Go back to the hallway and use the Multitool to open the door on the right. Use the Q and D keys to change the frequency.
  20. Enter the room and collect the final nuts and bolts.
  21. Return down the hallway to the large area where you’ll find a Recycling Machine.
  22. Press “E” on the Recycling Machine to receive a Fuse.
  23. Go back to the area with the door to the “Director’s Office.”
  24. Place the Fuse in the fusebox, but hold off from entering the office just yet.
  25. Head back to the generator room and enter the closet at the back of the room (the one that was initially closed).
  26. Here, you will find the second kaptyphone.
  27. Return to the office door and enter the office, triggering the “Is someone there?” achievement and activating a tape recorder that will start playing.
  28. After receiving information through the speakers, the vent will be highlighted.
  29. Enter the vent by crouching with “C” and pressing “E.”
  30. Continue through the vent and exit it.
  31. Follow the path through the storage area and enter the next vent (you’ll need to crouch again).
  32. Something strange will happen in the next vent, causing you to fall.
  33. Exit the vent and follow the path/hallway.
  34. At the intersection, go left, and at the end, you’ll find a small stairway with plaques for the employees of the month.
  35. Descend the stairs and walk towards the dark corner (where the plaques are).
  36. Crouch to enter the area and follow the path to find a desk and a chair, earning the “Overworker” achievement.
  37. Proceed towards what appears to be an elevator.
  38. You may hear someone speaking to you, or perhaps it’s in your head.
  39. You’ll encounter another fusebox missing a fuse.
  40. Turn around, and in the storage area on a desk, you’ll find a fuse.
  41. Pick up the fuse, then place it in the fusebox.
  42. Walk back to the area and go right, where you’ll find a door with an electric lock.
  43. Open this door to find the third kaptyphone and unlock the “Supervisor” achievement.
  44. Now, you need to locate the room where you can activate the elevator.
  45. This room will be three flights of stairs up, and be sure to check all the rooms as you’ll need a handle.
  46. In the elevator control room, place the handle where it’s missing.
  47. Arrange the handles in the correct position: 1-3-1.
  48. Return to the elevator, enter it, and press the button using “E.”
  49. Let the cut scene play out, and you’ll be awarded the “First day!” achievement.
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