All Choices and Endings in Penny Black

Are you looking to explore the different endings of Penny Black or perhaps interested in discovering the “secret” choice inputs? This guide is a comprehensive resource based on my knowledge, complete with spoiler warnings and hints.

Note that some choices, including the “secret” ones, may have multiple ways to input them. For instance, instead of typing “PHONE,” you could also use “CALL” or “TEXT.” However, I will not list every single iteration for such choices.

Some of the “secret” choices may be hinted at or described in some manner earlier in the story, so be attentive. In other cases, you may have to think of a logical solution that the game accepts. At times, the choice may be alluded to and hinted at like a riddle, but the answer is never explicitly provided in the story.

The following format will be used for the choice/score guide: INPUT → additional INPUTS (if any) | Score Awarded.

Scene One – Waiting For Penny

PHONE | +10
WAIT | +5
LEAVE → WAIT | +5 hint: Are you just gonna stand there all day or are you going to…
LEAVE → LEAVE | End hint: Are you just gonna stand there all day or are you going to…

Scene Two – The Cinema Complex

HORROR | +10
ASK → retry choice between the three options | 0

Scene Three – Soma City Square

MAGICIAN → ANYTHING (quite literally except for the below choice, you can also just press enter) | +8
MAGICIAN → TIGER | +9 hint: If you’ve played the above choice this is the outcome in the story.
STATUE → ROCK (or SCISSORS then ROCK) | +10 hint: Something looked like it was new… also are you good at rock paper scissors?
STATUE → PAPER (or SCISSORS then PAPER) | +8 hint: Something looked like it was new… also are you bad at rock paper scissors?
FOUNTAIN | +7 hint: Somewhere with water.
PIGEONS | +7 hint: What was that boy feeding?
BUSKER | +7 hint: Can you hear the music?

Scene Four, Ground Floor – Welcome To Centre Plus-Plus!

AID | +10
ASK | +6

Scene Four, Floor One – Our Survey Says….

TRUTH → a color like YELLOW or RED | +7
LIE | +5
TRUTH → BLUE | +10 hint: If Black is too obvious maybe instead…
*TRUTH → WHITE | -1 hint: The opposite of Penny.

Scene Four, Floor Three – Into Gaming Territory

PUSH | -10
APOLOGISE | +10 hint: Did you cause this? Maybe you should…
PUNCH | End hint: Violence is never the… wait what are you doing!?

Scene Four, Floor Three – Arcade Antics

Choice 1

COIN | +5
LEAVE | +1

Choice 2


Choice 3

WENDY | +7
**NEAPOLITAN | +10 hint: Think back to how the character has been described during the clothes shopping (3 colors of clothing) and on the side of the arcade machine (type of abilities.) hint 2: Combine that with the 3 flavors of cake that Penny had at the movie theatre. hint 3: Vanilla, Chocolate, and Strawberry in an icy dessert

Scene Five – Return to Soma City Square

BOTH | +7
PENNY | +6
LEAVE | +2
CHERRY | +10 hint: Fantasy has been mentioned before.

Scene Six – The Seafront

QUIET | +10
TALK | +6


You can get in the negative score range during the date, but it will still continue. There are also 2 endings that can happen during the date. These are listed under the score parts of the respective choices.

Ending Score Effect on Story Endings
<60 is C ending
≥60 is B ending
≥85 is A ending
100 is S ending

S ending choice:

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