All Mobile Suit Overview (Raids) in Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation 2

This is a quick overview of (most) the raid units currently in the game. It’s meant to serve as a fast introduction to what they can do and if they’re any good or not.

100 Cost

Zaku I:
The Zaku I is the only raid unit in the game without any real defensive skills. It’s also the first raid you can get with a bazooka. If you’re playing 200 you don’t have a lot of choice in raids, so it can work.
Upleveled: Do not.

GM Light Armor:
This unit is more of a skirmisher, lacking any quick stuns but instead is able to plink at other units with it’s fairly solid stripped beam rifle. It’s a good suit to learn proper spacing in.
Upleveled: Works fine at 250, but by the time 300 comes around there’s way better raids that are available.

200 Cost

Acguy is the first stealth raid available in the game, and sports quite a few tools compared to other suits at the same cost. It also comes with some pretty notable downsides, like having a huge hitbox and stationary ranged weapons, and slightly anemic melee damage. Simply put, Acguy is not a suit for everyone; but can absolutely preform well if you know what you’re doing.

Upleveled: It’s fine at 250, but has to compete directly with Agguy. At 300 it’s woefully outmatched; however at 350 it has unlocked lv2 enhancements, and has an absolute ton of HP compared to other raids at the same cost. It’s a viable unit especially with lv3 stealth, but is still a bit difficult to play; and can’t get the same melee damage output as something like Efreet Nacht

Agg is another amphibious raid, however unlike the acguy its sillouette is nowhere near as large, being more squat. It’s also equipped with several impressive weapons, and good defensive stats. While it’s damage output is potentially incredibly high, it is lacking an instant stun, and the drill isn’t able to attack in other directions. Easily one of the strongest raids at 200/250

The first space only raid, Dra-c is an absolute menace with incredibly high mobility stats for its cost and a fast, long traveling downswing. It preforms well at basically every cost it’s available at.

250 Cost

A varient of the Acguy, it trades in a cute head for wide crazy insect eye thing, and its standard ranged weapon arms for huge tentacles. It still keeps stealth, and unless you see it before it sneaks up on you; prepare for a bad time. It’s incredibly good at its base cost where generals don’t really have any tools to deal with it.
Upleveled: It doesn’t have great weapon scaling, but a stealth raid for a fairly good HP pool and huge melee attacks is still viable, but be aware that generals are vastly more threatening at 300 and 350.

Gouf’s had a really hard time for most of it’s life, but by thankfully for PC players you’ll have the buffed version. It’s got absurd melee damage potential at every cost, but has no effective way to get ranged stuns. It’s also very easy to mess up hitting with your heat whip, and against faster units the heat whip is not a guarenteed melee follow up. If you want a true unga-bunga melee raid, this is for you.
Upleveled: Don’t. Your team will hate you unless you’re an absolute melee savant.

GM Night Seeker II:
NSII has a fairly similar gameplay plan to Light Armor GM; It’s more of a ranged skirmisher able to outshoot several general type units with its beams and toss grenades until it can secure an opening for melee. I personally find it to be a fun unit that rewards weapon management and positioning. Both the stripped beam rifle and double beam gun are viable choices.

Upleveled: Still quite good at 300 cost, but it’s a harder sell at 350. It lacks the explosive melee power a lot of 350 raids possess, which can make it struggle on most maps.

Ground Combat GM (MSV):
While a lot of the other raids tend to be very specialized, this GM stands out by being more of an “all-rounder” type unit. It has a standard stun, normal saber moveset, small frame, good defensive stats, and a beam spray gun for pokes. Despite not excelling in anything in particular; it has the tools to be a solid choice for basically any map.

Upleveled: Its melee power does not scale good at all, but the railgun has much better scaling compared to most weapons. Unlike most units; it does get a boost speed increase at higher levels. Still good at 300, not a popular choice at all at 350, but viable.

Completely different than other raids, Zudah is a ranged focused raid with a huge anti-ship rifle that can heavy stagger enemies. It’s also pretty damn fast for its cost and has both manuever armor and a dodge roll. It pays for all of this by lacking a second melee hit, poor turn speed, and doesn’t get balancer until level 3. Be warned, if all you do is sit in the back and hit generals (or miss), your team will hate you.
Upleveled: There’s nothing really like zudah at higher levels, so its niche is safe; but most people want a raid unit that can do huge melee damage, not one that boosts around to get flanking hits on people.

300 Cost

Efreet (Doug Schneid’s)
Raids start to get real nasty at 300, and DS Efreet is a perfect example of it. It’s got an incredibly powerful melee weapon that automatically knocks down with an extra strong downswing. It’s also got the very powerful (stun-wise) zeonic shotgun, temporary stealth in the form of a smoke launcher, and a wrist MG for securing kills on low HP dudes. It has been a meta staple since it has been released.
Upleveled: Still a threat at 350, at 400 it tends to be replaced by other, more flexible raids.

It’s a big boy. One of the biggest. It’s currently the first (and only) raid with unconditonal shock dampeners, meaning that standard stuns (to include standard melee) won’t actually stun the suit. It’s also got pretty huge melee damage potential, at the cost of medicore ranged options and being INCREDIBLY SLOW when not boosting (it’s not fast boosting either). It’s a suit that’s hard to play aggressively due to its speed, and can be hardcountered by several general units, so it’s a risky choice no matter what.

Upleveled: Don’t, unless you’re playing on the all water port map, but you’ll still have to contend with aqua gundam and hygoggs and everything else. For fun pick only.

Zaku Flipper
Zaku Flipper is a range focused stealth raid, similar to the Acguy. However, unlike the acguy all your weapons are mobile, hit fairly hard, and you’re not big at all. Due to being able to dish out most of it’s damage at range, it can be a huge menace to supports. Its melee damage is a bit better than what is listed, due to having an extra strong downswing, but do remember that the hitboxes on unarmed melee generally suck and you only have priority 2. Still, overall Zaku Flipper is a very good raid.

Upleveled: It only has a level 2, and it’s still quite good. Be prepared to just die if you mess up vs an aqua gundam, however.

Zaku II FS (Shin Matsunaga)
Shin Matsunaga gets a big axe. You only get to swing it once, so make it count. It also lacks efficient ranged stuns or any real ranged damage. If you’re REALLY gaming hard you can set up a stun with mg -> boosting vulcans, but it’s not easy to pull off. Be prepared to go in and get tackled a lot. It’s more of a gimmick suit than actually being good, but it’s a fairly solid choice for 300 space.
Upleveled: You really shouldn’t

Zaku II (Killy Garret)
A fairly new raid from clan match rewards, this raid is pretty overloaded with good things: strong melee weapons, two instant stuns, and a dodge roll. It’s only real weakness is being about as sturdy as paper mache. Not a suit you want to get into a duel against. Very good.

GM Guard Custom
GM Guard Custom is instantly recognizable by the huge slab of a shield it carries. It’s an amazing raid even if forced into a defensive battle, and can take a lot of diversion while still dealing damage with its shield gattlings. It’s a suit that rewards good positioning if you set up where you can’t easily be hit by splash damage weapons around the shield. Its shoulder vulcans also stun very fast, and can be used while boosting. It’s an absolute death sentance against suits without a roll, as though the suit has short melee range, it has quite high melee damage. Make sure you use the beam spray gun as the main weapon. One of my favorite raids.

Upleveled:There’s obviously some bias here, but it still preforms fantastic at 350, and can still be viable at 400 due to it’s durability and ability to easily stun other raids with the shoulder vulcans.

GM (Gatheroad Corps)
Another new raid, this has even less durability than Killy’s Zaku, but still has strong melee and decent short/medium range shooting capabilites. It’s no must have by any means, but if you like the idea of a double beamspray gm, it’s not a bad unit.

GM Command Light Armor
At first glance, this suit seems a bit underwhelming. With even less HP than GM Gatheroad (but it does have a shield), GMCLA has quite a high boost speed with a decent base thruster. While it can run a standard bazooka most take its special beam gun, which allows it to stun in two hits. The suit’s biggest strength is the incredible downswing it gets. It’s quite fast, with a very high total multiplier (190%!!) It’s not a beginner’s suit, by any means, but still very effective.

GM Striker
GM Striker is a very old raid, and it shows. It was one of the first suits to get two melee weapons (neither of which are very strong anymore). It lacks any real way to stun the enemy, similar to Matsunaga’s zaku, but has worse melee damage, and no dodge roll. This suit is not good, at all.

Upleveled: people will dodge the room

Another older raid, Z’gok also lacks any instant stuns, instead relying on build up from its arm lasers and missiles. Because Z’gok changes what arm it fires with depending on the direction you are moving it, it’s very easy to miss shots. It’s melee moveset is not particuarly great either, with its downswing GM piercer being easy to miss at close range or completely overshooting downed enemies. For masochists only.

350 Cost

Efreet Kai
Do you like melee? Not running out of boost? Killing? Not having a long lifespan? Then Efreet Kai is for you. It’s the #1 unga bunga raid of 350. Simply by activating exam you turn the mediocre suit into a fast as hell melee monster. Until the timer runs out and your legs break. Not for beginners.

Efreet Nacht
Like it’s exam fueled brother, Nacht packs a ton of melee punch, is also very fast, with a reliable short ranged stun. Instead of having EXAM, nacht gets stealth, a deceptively powerful arm cannon, and even a short ranged heavy stagger. You even get a choice between two different melee weapons depending on how you feel. A very good raid.

Upleveled: Still preforms good, but at lv3+ people usually want something more durable.

Gouf Custom
It’s not good. Use at your own risk. Lacks good ranged damage or a stun, a roll, middling melee damage.

Gelgoog G
A rare suit, Gelgoog G is a raid with pretty well rounded stats, access to a roll, and two instant stuns. It doesn’t have much in the way of (sustained) ranged damage, but access to an instant stun beam rifle and a strong sturmfaust is good. A small kit, but still an effective unit.

Upleveled: I have literally never seen anyone with the lv2 suit.

GM Striker (Modified)
It’s GM Striker, but for space. In terms of kit, it’s very similar, but with a better sub saber, and access to a combined saber and beam gun. It’s actually good, which may be surprising to some.
Upleveled: You can, but you really shouldn’t

Dom (High Speed Experimental Type)
You have basically no ranged damage, so your mission with this dom is to go fast, get in, and knock people over. Your lance is fast, and can knock people over with any attack. Your flash is able to be used while boosting, but is not reliable against units with a shield. Surprisingly high ranged defense. This suit can be a real terror if you’re good.

Upleveled: Might preform ok at level 2.

High Boost GM
A very gimmicky raid, High boost GM is one of the very few units that can start a melee attack mid air. It’s also shares another rare skill of overboost, which gives the unit unlimited boost for a short duration. It’s ability to attack from angles that would normally be impossible can definitely throw people off guard. It does have a very large weakness of having no instant stun weapon, no dodge roll, and it’s longest non-grenade weapon only goes out to 175m. Potentially can be a strong unit, but not very popular.

Blue Destiny Unit 1
Was once THE meta pick of 350 raids, has fallen off due to nerfs and other suits releasing. Is still quite capable of doing plenty of damage, and unlike efreet kai, it actually has some ranged damage options. Still a good suit, but is not forgiving at all due to terrible HP and low defense

Upleveled: Scales like absolute garbage due to a weak base saber

Prototype Gundam
Don’t play this suit. It offers nothing but bazooka -> melee, which several other raids can do better. Incredibly outdated

Ram Z’gok
Fixes two of the original Z’gok’s issues: awful melee hitboxes and no instant stun. A fairly solid unit, if a little underwhelming on land. Gets extra strong tackles because of its heat horn.

Upleveled: Unless you’re using it for a water map, don’t.

Zaku IIG High Mobility Ground Type (Alma Stirner)
Like a lot of the Noisy Fairy units, Alma’s Zaku is packed with good tools (multiple stuns, dodge roll) , but they come at price of durability. A very strong raid overall.

400 Cost

Act Zaku (Commander)
The first raid in the game with overboost, Act Zaku commander has not aged gracefully. It’s lacking a dodge roll, more than one stun, and has a dreadfully slow overhead downslash. It’s generally ignored for a good reason.

Gundam Pixie
A suit with a very strong love/hate relationship with the GBO2 community (mostly towards hate), Pixie is a stealth raid with awful durability, low base thrust, and terrible ranged options. It was recently buffed on the console version, which the PC won’t have yet. A very feast or famine suit
Upleveled: That guy-tier

Another unpopular raid, Gyan has weak shield rockets, and difficult to use shield mines. It does however have nearly unparralleled melee damage. Oh, but do be aware that all of its melee attacks are foward thrusts. For vase enthusiasts only
Upleveled: no

Gouf Flight Type
For a short period of time on it’s release it was a terror of the skies at 400. However after a direct nerf and a nerf to the flight type mechanic it’s fallen off incredibly hard. A gimmick unit who’s gimmick is not very good. Do not play.

Gelgoog Marine
Widely Considered barely playable until it recieved buffs, Gelgoog Marine is a well rounded raid with both good melee damage, ranged damage, and durability. It is however large like gelgoogs are, and does not have a large shield to go with it. Viable with either the rifle or mg[gn] (For the instant stun).
Upleveled: It has good scaling, but 450 and above is a rough place.

Psycommu Test High Mobility Type Zaku
A suit with absolutely insane mobilty for the cost it’s at. This zaku focuses more on short ranged shooting rather than melee. Surprisingly kind of hard to play, but absolutely is very strong when played well.
Upleveled: Most people tend to go for more straightfoward raids, so it’s not really popular at higher levels.

GM Kai Ground Type (Corvette Booster) [TB] {Revolver Ocelot}
A fairly new raid, this GM packs together a bunch of good ranged tools, a special ranged damage boost while it’s in flight mode, and even has a lunging downswing. Overall a good unit, but prone to being played extremely poorly as it has a large hitbox and can be easily flown into danger. A thing to note is that it does not have a traditional “space like” hover mode, but more of a flight mode similar to transforming units.

GM Quel
A bit of an awkward all-rounder, GM Quel doesn’t have much in the way of ranged damage (unless you use the equally awkard GM rifle) or much melee damage either. It’s not particularly durable, but at least has a roll and shield. It loses ground typing for space typing compared to GM Custom, but isn’t suited at all for space with 2 grenades. It’s not too bad of a raid to learn basics on, but hard to preform well at higher levels.

GM Spartan
Recently recieved a (unwarrented) buff, GM spartan is a well rounded raid that is actually good. Temp stealth, multiple stuns, unique guided missiles, strong beam pistols, and a small knife with huge damage. You can’t go wrong with GM Spartan.

Upleveled: Not a popular pick, but in theory should be able to hold its own at lv2.

GM II Semi-Striker
Not much to say about this suit other than it’s GM striker but actually good. It’s simple and effective

G-Line Assault Armor
Assault Armor is not your typical raid. It’s a slower compared to most, with a powerful splash back mounted canon, anemic shotgun, and large heat lance. It’s a bit awkard to learn since you usually can’t chain the back cannon into a melee confirm, and the shotgun requires multiple hits to stun, even at close range. It can also struggle with single target damage as the only follow up you (usually) have on downed targets is a couple of shotgun blasts to the leg. If you’re willing to learn this unit, it’s definitely a good suit, if unpopular.

Upleveled: Works fine at lv2 since it’s easy to play defensively and protect your own battleline from raids.

G-Line Light Armor
G-line LA was the premier ranged type raid at 400/450 for some time, but it has fallen off in popularity. It’s fast, and can do acceptable melee damage to supports, but is incredibly fragile. Still viable at 400, but is NOT a forgiving unit if you mess up.

Upleveled: Awful scaling on stats and weapons, and the raid meta has changed drastically since its inception.

Fairly similar to the base Z’gok, but fixes its underwhelming melee power and even has a dodge roll. One of the most durable raids at 400. That being said, its ranged weapons are not particularly great, still loses in melee damage to some of the other monsters at 400, and is a bit on the large side. For Z’gok fans only.

Upleveled: Only if you’re playing in the water

Desert Zaku (Rommel-Type)
Not for beginners. This suit combines a lot of gimmicks together into a package that absolutely can deal with a wide variety of supports and generals both, being able to deal a ton of melee damage if played correctly. This, however is easier said than done, as this suit relies a lot of scoring knockdowns with unarmed melee into axe downswings and using your tackle offensively.

Once laughed at for easily being one of the worst raids in the game, it turns out giving it a reticle tracking grenade and a ton of raw stats can fix that. If you’re a dom fan, the Dwadge is viable, if difficult to play because of sliding movement, reliant on longer combos, and lacking a dodge roll or injectors.

Blue Destiny Unit-2
Once a meta defining raid, blue destiny 2 is no longer has the spotlight. This doesn’t mean it’s a bad unit by any means. It’s a decently flexible raid with some ranged options and good melee animations. It’s also not reliant on activating for EXAM for a dodge roll either. Its biggest weakness is lack of a good instant stun, and is reliant on EXAM for bursts of damage.

Upleveled: It’s not that blue destiny 2 is bad, but that raids at 450+ is a very competitive position.

Pale Rider Dullahan
For 5 months this POS got to be the absolute most broken raid at 400 before it was finally nerfed (they didn’t touch its damage output either). While squisher than it was before, Dullahan is able to deal both excessive ranged or melee damage, being able to equip a great beam rifle and simply shoot supports to death from the safety of a huge shield, or a bazooka to deal with more close-in maps.

Rick Dom II (Gut’s sword)

Red Rider
For all the gorillas in the world, Red Rider is the premier unga-bunga raid at 400. No instant stuns, 3 melee weapons, a heavy charge melee attack, temporary mobility activation boost. Red Rider’s machine gun stuns pretty quickly, but most players forgo that anyway and just raw melee you anyway. An absolute terror in good hands, or free points in bad ones.
Upscaled: Still incredibly Unga-bunga at level 2, but at level 3 faces some stiff competition.

450 Cost

Alex (Chobham Armor)
Despite having a lot of good tools, a brand new crazy protection skill AND being a newer raid, Alex CA never quite took off. While above 50% HP this suit is nearly immune to ballistic weaponry, including stun build up. I don’t think this suit is bad by any means, but it can potentially have both incredibly good or bad matchups.

Gundam Unit-5
Unit 5 is a bit of an interesting suit, despite being what would be considered a range focused raid, it still has 3 hit melee and a pretty good saber. Although it’s a much older unit compared to a lot of 450 raids, it can still hold its own. It’s gatting is VERY strong, if you’re able to focus down on the support; or you can use it on incoming raids, but be aware there is more to this suit than the gattling. It has no dodge roll, and since it isn’t going to be using the bazooka, also lacks a good instant stun.

Upscaled: Despite lacking a roll, its base stats scale well, as does its weapons, still can be quite difficult to play above 450

Hi-Mobility Galbaldy Alpha
A Previous ranked/clan reward suit, this galbaldy is an interesting mix of ranged weapons and potentially big melee damage (despite low stats). It’s playable at 450, but is nowhere near top tier.
Upscaled: It gets some pretty crazy scaling on the saber and 2k hp, but its stun tools are simply not very good for 500.

GM III (Close Combat)
The first raid with a “heavy-attack” (aka a charge melee). It was actually fairly balanced, so of course it was quickly powercrept. Still playable, since it obviously has large melee damage potential, but usually only gets used at top tiers because it’s easy to disguse with the GM III powered.

Char’s Gelgoog
A cash-only suit, char’s gelgoog has some decent shooting power, and strong melee damage with two melee weapons, but pays for this by putting on the shield the wrong way, and relying on a slow charging beam rifle for any ranged stun. It also has an activated skill similar to overboost. Not meta by any means, but can preform well enough.

GM Custom (Silver Haze)
A bit on the squisher side, Silver Haze gets two melee weapons, including an instant-down trident. In addition to a standard stun weapon, it’s got a fairly powerful quick stunning wrist vulcan. Silver Haze is a fairly popular raid, partly owning to the fact it can deal with other raids with the wrist gattling or using lv2 power accel, and being able to quickly knock down opponents.

Striker Custom
Striker Custom was the premier 450 raid for quite some time, before being overshadowed by newer units. Striker Custom’s Demon Blade mode is one of the strongest activated buffs in the game, getting speed, damage, and thruster boosts to include a double roll and lv3 Force Injectors. Outside of this special mode however, the suit’s preformance is very underwhelming. Not an easy suit to use, especially in today’s meta when it has to fight overtuned generals and raids that didn’t exist when it first came out.

Upleveled: If you want to show-off, maybe.

Desert Gelgoog
The next ranged focused stealth raid after Zaku Flipper, Desert Goog gets the privlege of lv2 stealth without any jamming skills to notify the enemy when he might be around. It has a short ranged heavy stagger wrist cannon, and a powerful sturmfaust which let it do a lot of damage at close/medium range. There are some drawbacks however, the lack of a dodge roll and low melee defense means that if you’re caught out of position by a good general you’re kind of hosed if you miss your wrist blaster (or it’s rolled through). A strong pick for maps that easily allow it to flank into the enemy support.

Upleveled: I’d argue it’s still viable at 500, though your life expectancy if something goes wrong is even lower. Probably better off with a different suit.

One of the newer suits in the game. Domel is a melee powerhouse. Very good HP pool, multiple good melee weapons, even multiple ranged weapons for setting up stuns or finishing low HP suits. It even gets double tackles! The suit’s only real weakness is not having a dodge roll. Definitely worth rolling on if the suit appeals to you.

Nero Trainer
THE broken raid of 450. There’s no reason why this suit has been untouched by any nerfs. 4 ways to stun you, heavy attack, quickturn skill that allows it to eat tackle stuns, good defensive stats, incredibly inflated melee stat. The raid for soulless meta players

Upscaled: Can you imagine it actually has competition at 500? It’s still very good there though.

Black Rider
Has the dubious honor of actually being able to turn (mostly) invisible. Black Rider has a surpringly varied toolkit of stuns and close ranged options, to include a stat boosting ability like ther other Rider-type units. While the invisibilty is nowhere near perfect, it gives the unit a chance to easily close the distance as long as you don’t take a path directly infront of others. Quite good ever since it’s been buffed. Do note that it’s very easy to miss the railcannon’s small projectile

Upscaled: Works fine at level 2.

G-3 Gundam
Closing out 450’s raids is the often overlooked and positively ancient G3 gundam. Although it’s recieved multiple buffs over time, its weaknesses are the same. Pathetic melee damage and awful durability. Despite being a ranged focused raid its ranged damage output isn’t great either. Not a very good pick, but still above what would be considering “throwing” if you know what you’re doing.

500 Cost

Pretty much a modified Galbaldy Beta, Gaz-L has a heavy attack, great beam rifle, easy MA break cannons, and 2 melee weapons. Personally I find this suit to be bland and underwhelming compared to other avaible suits, but it’s nowhere near bad.

Upscaled: Fine, I suppose.

Gundam Pixie (LA)
This is not a good unit. However, this does not mean that Lilth Pixy is useless, or can’t do damage. It definitely has solid melee damage, it’s just that its other tools and survavibilty are not so great.

Gundam Unit-5 (bst)
Essentially the 450 unit 5, this suit trades a shield in exchange for a roll, gets brand new twin sabers, and basically dumps all of its ranged stats for melee. It’s… an interesting unit that can’t really directly compete with all the new 450/500 melee monsters. If you take a bazooka, you’re a very basic raid that can also sometimes gattling people for not a lot of damage. If you take the beam rifle and ranged parts you’re a weird midliner lacking any good stuns. Hasn’t aged gracefully.

Gelgoog High Mobility Type (GK)
The Z’goog. Literally Armed with a Z’gok hand, this close range melee machine has a very unique beam blast charge melee, and a beam rifle with absolutely amazing stats (though it has very short range for a beam rifle and your suit has 0 ranged mod). This suit is also quite tanky, but its standard melee moveset is a little awkward at times. Definitely good, but don’t take it on any map where you can get zoned out on.

Upscaled: Works fine at lv2

Psycho Zaku Mk2 (TB)
A perfect example of the raid powercreep and overall favoritism, Psycho Zaku is fast, with both top tier walk and boost speed, and melee combos that might be the strongest, if not a strong competitor for that spot. Oh, and this suit also gets three instant stuns and one of the best machine guns for stunning around, despite not having any ranged weapons in it’s manga appearance. Very cool BB. At least it’s not durable at all.

GM Nightseer V
A melee focused stealth raid, if you equip the Feyedeen rifle you get 4 melee weapons, wow. Unfortunately it relies a lot on long combos to actually kill anything, because of low base power. It has basically no ranged weapons outside of it’s main rifle choice either. Not really good, even compared to an upleveled Nacht or Desert Gelgoog.

Nightseeker GM Space-Type
When people refer to NSV, this is the suit they refer to. Probably the most overpowered suit in the game. If you’re a soulless metawhore, this is the suit for you. Preferential defensive stats on a small frame, a heavy stagger whip, long ranged spear that can easily hit dudes raw, MA break shield missiles, a heavy attack; and to top it all off, a beam rifle that actually belongs to a 600 cost general.
Upscaled: You know what’s funny? Because the beam rifle originally belongs to a 600 cost unit it gets a huge damage bonus when upleveled. Thanks Hitler.

Thrusters? Don’t need them. We will simply walk up to the enemy and stun them into a ridiculously strong melee combo. One of the few obviously overpowered raids that was actually nerfed (barely, it’s still incredibly good on most maps). Schurzum Gallus is simply immune to instant stuns whenever holding a melee weapon (which includes its wire attack). Incredibly hard for a lot of units to deal with, nearly unbeatable at close range.

Upleveled: Still really good.

While it doesn’t match up to other raids in its cost in raw damage output, Titania’s strength is its versatility. Armed with a Long ranged beam rifle, shotgun, alex-like wrist gattling, and dual fausts; Titania is able to handle multiple ranges. Double Roll, big beyblade downswing. The star of the show in the Noisy Fairy suit pack.

Full Armor Gundam (TB)
The gundam that plays jazz to let you know it’s coming, because its ranged weaponry certainly isn’t very threatening. Sure, it has a beam cannon with heavy stagger, and the 6 pack missile pod isn’t bad either, but you’re putting in a lot of effort for very little payoff. A 1900 power saber at 500 isn’t helping things either. Usually more of a distraction with it’s multiple shields and high speed rather than something actually doing damage.

Upscaled: You weren’t playing this suit to be a top damage dealer anyway, so it still does the same things at level 2.

Hazel Unit 2
It’s a stealth raid with a heavy attack. It’s incredibly annoying. It’s good. I hate it.

Bolinoak Sammahn
One of the older zeta suits, this chunky boy swings its twin weapons around with generous hitboxes and can do a lot of damage, but don’t be expecting anything like the explosive power of TB zaku or Scherzum Galluss. It’s got a bit of a good amount of durability, False beaon, and an AoE radar scambler. On maps like Ruined City that can easily devolve into a frantic brawl, Bolinoak can often score easy melee hits on enemies who simply think you’re an allied unit.
Upscaled: Bolinoak isn’t popular at level 1, let alone anything else

R-jarja was the first neo zeon raid, and with it brought an ever-increasing level of powercreep to raids. Of course, by now it’s overall effectiveness is nowhere near as high as it used to be. That being said R-jarja is still absolutely no slouch, having an E-cap type beam rifle with a lot of ammo, boostable missiles, and very good melee damage with bayonette downswings.
Upscaled: It’s not bad, but people at higher ranking tend to just pick something better

550 Cost

Gaz-L Grau
Good at both Melee AND Ranged combat, it gets a unique dual burst beam rifle that can even break MA by itself charged. It’s got just about the same melee weapons (to include the heavy attack) as the basica Gaz-L, but loses the back beam cannons in exchange for an EXTREMELY strong missile barrage, and flame DoT missiles. It doesn’t get all these goodies scott free; it pays for it in low ranged defenses for a unit of its size.
Upleveled: Good kit, works fine.

GP-02 (Beam Bazooka)
One of the few raids at high costs missing a dodge roll. With a recent buff GP-02 can now gain altitude while boosting, giving it psuedo-flight. With a whopping THREE total weapons, playing this suit is relevatively straightfoward without having to memorize any longer combo strings. The lack of roll has made it so that this suit has never had widespread popularity, but it’s managed to stay relevant over time to repeated buffs

Gerbera Tetra
Another raid with a smaller kit, Tetra has quite good stats overall aside from low HP and fighting power, but has a good thrusting downswing and a VERY strong beam mg, able to stun both charged and uncharged. A skirmishing raid that waits for it’s chance to do melee combos, the wrist MG it has no slouch either. It’s like if NSV was actually fair.

Gaplant stands out from other suits in it’s very recognizable silouette, and has extreme durability compared to most of its competitors. Posesses both strong ranged weapons and a 200% downswing. Gaplant does have some glaring weaknesses: its follow up on knocked over enemies is incredibly poor, and the suit is pretty damn big. Unlike many other units, it doesn’t unlock any new weapons in it’s Mobile Armor form either. Not for beginners, at all.

Xeku Eins (Loadout 1)
A fat unit, with a few stuns. One of the strongest heavy attacks in the game, able to quickly secure kills with assistance from its allies. Requires good team work.

Zee Zulu
Basically S-Gallus’ progenitor, it has the same defensive skill as the s-gallus, but loses the shotgun and whip in exchange for longer ranged weaponry. Still very strong, but lacks a dodge roll.

Long time bane of support players, and once top meta raid, Bawoo has fallen off in popularity because it can’t simply delete generals in melee like many newer units. That being said, it’s still a very good suit that’s also very forgiving to use because of its multiple stuns and high powered ranged weapons.

Hyaku Shiki
Hyaku Shiki released to little fanfare, and due to its threadbare kit was not very good. In the future Hyaku shiki will recieve a pretty huge buff to its walking speed, vulcans, and downswing; firmly putting it back into being a viable raid.

Hazel Custom (Hi-Mobility)
Covered with three huge shields, as long as it has these this suit is huge pain in the ass to stop. When equipped with thruster regen parts it feels like this suit never runs out of boost. A ranged skirmisher similar to the Gebera Tetra, but with better durability. Does not have a dodge roll.

Once an extremely popular raid, Re-gz has fallen off due to the fact that most players who just want to spam heavy attack on occupied dudes will end up going with the Raid Xeku. Despite having multiple ranged stuns, two of them have pretty punishing reload times. Still a very capable unit.

600 Cost

Geara Zulu (Ellic Hugo)
A pretty small arsenal, EH Zulu has the privledge of having the quckest charging heavy attack in the game, being able to score a knockdown and still hit a grounded enemy with it. Other than having a pretty decent short beam MG for stuns and a bazooka-type sturmfaust, the heavy attack is the real selling point of this suit.

Gelgoog Vertex
A beast of a machine, Gelgoog Vertex has an assortment of ranged weapons to include a unique beam gattling, and two melee weapons. It’s also ridiculously durable as fitting of the suit’s size. No heavy attack, and outside of the main weapon doesn’t really have good stun capabilities. Not easy to play.

Byarlant Custom
Kobe Bylant is the terror of the skies, a skilled user is nearly impossible to catch and will instantly delete your support before gaining a huge distance with it’s multipurpose heavy attack. This suit is honestly ridiculously broken as pretty much nothing can effectively deal with it 1v1, thankfully there aren’t many cat-eared pilots.

An older 600 raid, Hambrabi is still quite capable, if lacking in instant stuns. Its MA guns pack a huge punch, and can violate with the best of them, if a bit less effective than some other 600 raids

Rick Dias II
Rick Dias’ modest upgrade somehow got lost and ended up in 600, a mostly underwhelming unit who’s gimmick is a fairly fast reloading ranged heavy stagger beam. Not very popular, might be a bit more viable with mouse aim.

Rick Dijeh (Mod.)
Honestly this suit looked so boring I never played it. Essentially a mixture of SE-R and the Base Dijeh, but a raid.

Another ridiculously overpowered raid, S-Gundam has pseudo flight in the form of flap booster, mid air melee capabilities, two melee weapons, a heavy attack, and a bevy of good ranged beam weapons to include quick stun vulcans. Could easily fight at 700 if later levels were released.

Zeta Plus A1
What was often the laughing stock of 600 raids, it was eventually buffed multiple times and was allowed to take Rezel’s rifle as a primary, which also gave it a second melee weapon. While nowhere near as good S-Gundam or Byarlant Custom, it can at least hold its own now compared to other 600 cost raids. No real gimmicks on this unit.


650 and 700 Cost
I don’t play a lot of 650 or 700 cost, so I’ll just post an extremely quick run down of some of the better (or worse) units.

Not so good: Zaku III Custom, Gundam Mk-V
Incredibly Good: Jagd Doga

Incredibly Good: Everything that isn’t Zaku IV

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