Alpha Invasion

Alpha Invasion Trophies and Guide for PS4

Developer Erik Games has released the official Alpha Invasion trophy list and guides for PlayStation 4.

In Alpha Invasion, players will be collecting 13 trophies consisting of 9 bronze, 3 silver, and 1 gold trophy. There are no secret trophies in Alpha Invasion. Check out the full Alpha Invasion trophies for PS4 below.

Alpha Invasion Trophies

Story BeginsCollect gems to learn story.Bronze Trophy
Light BenderGenious at work.Bronze Trophy
AnonymousWhite Hat Hacker increases the authority.Bronze Trophy
Ultraviolet SecretTry to see the world ultravoilet.Silver Trophy
CatwalkingCats are alien.Bronze Trophy
EternityComplete the Story. Find every gem in the game.Gold Trophy
Who am I?Play with human perspective.Bronze Trophy
Like a HellThermal vision may be useful.Silver Trophy
Silent ViolentBig explosion take attention.Silver Trophy
YummyFind human drinks.Feel like a human.Bronze Trophy
Trash TalkCommunicate with peoples to learn something useful.Bronze Trophy
Hate of ArtBreak the art statues to distract soldier.Bronze Trophy
Fibonacci PowerAnti matter is the engine power of spaceship.Bronze Trophy

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