Amoeba Battle

Amoeba Battle Update 1.03 Patch Notes Confirmed

Developer and publisher Grab Games has released the newest update for RTS game Amoeba Battle. The new update which carries patch version 1.03 on PlayStation 4 is now available for download.

The new update did not bring any new contents, but it does bring bug fixes and improvements for Amoeba Battle. Interestingly, it seems that this update will surely improve the battle royale AI system as there are some minor changes and balancing with the deployment of Wild amoebas.

It is also worth noting that update 1.03 includes leaderboard and controls update. In this patch, players can now view the leaderboard during a multiplayer game and also allow players to control amoebas’ group using RT + D-Pad control.

Apart from these, the new update also includes optimization and quality-of-life improvements. To know more about the update, you can check the detailed changelog below.

Amoeba Battle Update 1.03 Patch Notes

Battle Royale AI Improvements

  • Wild amoebas will now enter the battlefield 60 seconds after the match has started (instead of 5 seconds).
  • Default Battle Royale AI difficulty for Versus matches has been changed from Veteran to Normal.
  • All Battle Royale AIs have had their aggressiveness, strategies, tactics, and decision-making processes overhauled.
  • All AIs are now smarter with their energy usage, especially with regards to probes.
  • All AIs are less likely to build only Locusts and will try to field a more varied army.
  • Only Brutal AI will be mean enough to purify your last amoeba.
  • Casual AI is much less aggressive in early-mid game, no longer uses advanced tactics, cannot use extinction upgrades, and has a limited amoeba cap
  • Normal AI is less aggressive in the early-mid game and no longer uses advanced tactics.

Replay Viewer Improvements

  • The replay viewer now supports fast forward, rewind, and pause. It also has controls for playback speed.


  • You can now view a full leaderboard during multiplayer matches!
  • The leaderboard shows your rank, the ranks of every player in the match, and every player’s current MVP amoeba. It also shows the name of the map you are on and which players have already been eliminated.
  • When playing a team match, the eliminated icon appears next to allies on the leaderboard that have lost all of their amoebas to better alert you that they need a reinforcement upgrade.

Spectating Improvements

  • When spectating, you can now use the leaderboard to view the game from a specific player’s perspective! It will set the shroud and fog of war to what that player could see. This functionality works both during a live match and when viewing replays.
  • When spectating, the new leaderboard shows how many amoebas each player has.


  • You can now add amoebas to control groups using a controller using RT + D-Pad!
  • The virtual cursor for controllers now has a lower minimum speed.
  • There is now a limit on the number of pings you can issue in a given time frame.
  • Using box select on mouse and keyboard, lasso select on Switch touchscreen or the paint select on controller no longer deselects previously selected amoebas until it would select a new amoeba.

Online Screen Improvements

  • You can now copy+paste invite codes on the online screen on Steam (PC).
  • The online screen now plays a sound effect when it finds a match, and periodically beeps as the match timer counts down.
  • The online match countdown will now stop if only one player is left in the queue because the other player(s) left.
  • The online screen now displays the number of users online, the number of users in the queue, and the number of matches currently in progress. Hovering over this information with the mouse or virtual cursor will show a breakdown of the users in the queue and what queues they are in.

General Improvements

  • Within a given session, skirmish lobby settings are saved so that players don’t need to re-input the settings if they wish to play multiple skirmish games in a row.
  • Announcement UI on the main menu has been updated, including the ability to hide it.
  • A game clock has been added to the upper right corner of the screen during a match.
  • Replicating and mutating amoebas now remember if they were holding position or not after the cysts hatch.
  • Upgrade Ready animation has been changed so it is more noticeable and helps draw the eye to the research bar.
  • When playing a team match, getting a Reinforcement upgrade now forces the Upgrade menu to open.
  • Changed icons for Reinforcement upgrades.

Bug Fixes

  • Battle Royale Wasps should no longer get stuck trying to attack things they can’t see.
  • Implemented optimizations to reduce the number of disconnects and “unable to connect online” errors.
  • Fixed an issue where save files did not have the proper date. (Switch)
  • Fixed an issue where trying to view a replay would lead to a black screen.
  • The display name for Rocks on the unit info panel is no longer broken.
  • The message alerting players that they can still use probes in team matches when they have no amoebas now properly shows up every time they lose their amoebas instead of only the first time.
  • Fixed an issue where cutscene music was not playing if music volume was set to 0.
  • Added some missing people to the credits.