Ancestors The Humankind Odyssey Achievements Walkthrough Guide

This guide will go over the achievements of Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey and how to obtain all of them.


This guide will discuss in detail how to 100% Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey. Many of these achievements are obtainable through the natural progression of the game but some are easy to miss! This guide is meant to give a full, in-depth discussion on how to acquire the achievements. It will also give tips and tricks about the game, but the main focus is on the achievements.

Easy Achievements

A Real Hero

Save the kid of the opening sequence.

When starting up the game, there will be two cut scenes that introduce the player to the setting and various elements of the world of Ancestors. In one of the cut-scenes, you will be introduced to an elder ape carrying a baby ape, unfortunately, the elder will be attacked and killed by a Bateleur Eagle.

From here you will gain control of the baby ape; additionally, you will be introduced to some basic controls. The goal in this section is to locate a hiding spot and hide.

After hiding, you will switch to your starting ape, and you will have to find the baby in the hiding spot. To locate the baby, make sure to listen to the direction of the baby’s cries. Once you find the baby, you must comfort it.

– Use your sense of hearing to help find the baby quicker.
– The quickest way to comfort the baby is to wait for the baby to respond. If you press too fast, comfort progress will be lost and you will have to start over.

Home Builder

Establish a new settlement for your clan.

In the beginning of the game, you will start at/near the Hidden Waterfall Oasis in the Jungle. When using your intelligence, shapes will appear on your screen: diamonds and squares. Squares are points of interest, whereas the diamonds are landmarks. All landmarks are safe spots to establish a new settlement.

To establish a new settlement, you will need to explore the map and discover a new landmark. When you find a suitable landmark, you will need to create a sleeping spot. To create a sleeping spot you will need Natal Grass Cycad. Stack Natal Grass Cycad into a pile until the “Start construction” prompt appears. Follow the instructions. From here you can interact with the sleeping spot, and an option to “Settle” will appear. Select this option, and your new settlement should be established.

– Always stand when using intelligence as it allows you to have better viewing range.
– Elders do not have the fear of the unknown, so exploring new land with them can be beneficial (the only downside is that they have lower stamina/energy).
– Remember to move your entire tribe when setting up a new settlement or they will get left behind at the old one.
– Oasis landmarks are the best to move to as they are safer and have more food and water.

Genetic Manipulation

Give a head start to your Neuronal Network.

To receive this achievement, you need to complete at least 2% of your Neuronal network (which is roughly 12 nodes on your Neuronal network). This network can be accessed when your ape is laying down in a sleeping spot through the “Evolution” option.

To unlock nodes on the Neuronal network, you need to gain neuronal energy. Neuronal energy is acquired in many different ways such as using intelligence, senses (hearing and smelling), standing up on two legs, walking through water, etc. Once you gain neuronal energy, use these points on initiating and learning the neurons/nodes in the Neuronal network.

– Always carry two babies (which is the maximum you can carry) as having babies around will boost your neuronal energy. Be aware that babies will take some additional stamina to carry.
– Walking in water is the fastest way to boost your Motricity neuronal pathway.

Miss Me! Miss Me!

Dodge a Machairodus’ attack twice.

When playing ancestors, you will encounter many hostile animals, one being the Machairodus. They will always attack you if within range.

When interacting with a predator that is trying to attack you, a sound cue will play and (if your HUD is on) a visual cue for what button to press will be on display (the button cue will depend on the device you are using to play). Press this button immediately and hold. While holding this button, choose a direction to dodge in (right or left). You will then hear another faint sound cue, which is the signal to release the button you were previously holding. If timed right with the sound cues, you will have performed a successful dodge! Do this twice with any variant of the Machairodus to earn this achievement.

– Use materials that will prevent bleeding in case of a missed dodge. Some materials include but aren’t limited to Kapok fibers, Horsetail paste, and Honey.
– If you want to avoid the Machairodus altogether (or any other predator), stick to traveling by tree as there are less predators to worry about when traveling this way.
– Youtube Explaination.

Courageous Hominid!

Conquer your fear of the unknown 5 times to broaden your clan’s territory.

When exploring the map, there will be many times where you will walk into an area and the screen goes dark, you see gnashing teeth, and hear hyena laughter. This is your ape experiencing fear (much like in the beginning of the game with your baby ape), and as a result, the dopamine level (indicated in the bottom left) will start to decline.

It is important to stop this decline in dopamine by using your intelligence and senses. When identifying materials and food in your surrounding, your dopamine will increase, and a little bubble will start to fill up near the dopamine indicator. Once this bubble is full, your fear is rationalized. Little specks of white will point you in the direction of the conquer zone, which looks like a white orb. Follow the specks to the conquer zone, and hold the button that the prompt tells you to hold in order to conquer your fear. Repeat this process 5 times to unlock this achievement.

– The conquer zone is a white orb, whereas the safe zone (the area you came from) is a blue orb. Do not confuse the two or you may waste time and possibly have to restart the rationalization process.
– If your ape begins to panic, you have two options. Run back to the safe zone or allow your ape to go into hysteria. If you choose to run back, use your intelligence, senses, and even eat to boost your dopamine levels. If you choose to go hysterical, your ape will automatically be transported back to your settlement (this could be good to note if you traveled too far and don’t want to run all the way back home).

Collectibles Achievements

One small step for a man

Unlock the ability to walk on two legs.

To walk on two legs, it is important to be focusing on the Motricity pathway in your Neuronal network. This achievement is unlocked by acquiring Bipedalism in the Neuronal network.

To reach the Bipedalism node you will need to unlock these basic nodes (in this order):

  • Motor Skill.
  • Contextual Orthostatis and Orthostasis & Senses.
  • Equilibrioception.
  • Proprioception.

And these genetic mutation nodes:

  1. Speed.
    – Vestibular System.
  2. Lower Body Strength.
    – Bipedalism.

– Note that genetic mutation nodes are random in baby apes! They require you to skip generations and evolve in order to develop/lock in.
– To boost Motricity and chances of unlocking genetic mutations:

  • Walk through shallow water.
  • Stand up (such as when using intelligence or senses).
  • Switch items in hands (you’ll do this often anyways when crafting).
  • Swing on vines/branches/leaves when traveling.

All You Can Eat

Become Omnivorous.

This achievement is unlocked by becoming omnivorous. To do this, you must assimilate nutrients across multiple categories into your ape’s diet including eggs, fish, meat, and mushrooms. This will open up the Neuronal network to the omnivorous pathway.

  • Eggs can be found in bird nests, snake nests, and crocodile nests.
  • Fish can be found in fishing spots. Use a stick to fish in these spots.
  • Meat can be found by killing any animal within the game (or stealing from a predator) and chopping their carcasses up for the meat.
  • Mushrooms can be found in many places including on tree trunks, under rocks, and in caves.

To be fully omnivorous you must have these three genetic mutations in your gene pool to start:

  • Nutrient Absorption.
    – Necessary in order to develop all the Food Acclimatization 1 nodes.
  • Xenobiotic Metabolism 1.
    – Necessary in order to develop the Oviparous Food Acclimatization 2 node.
  • Xenobiotic Metabolism 2.
    – Necessary in order to develop the Mammal Food Acclimatization 2 node.

To reach the Omnivorous node you will need to unlock these basic nodes that stem from the genetic mutation nodes (in this order):

  • Eumycota Food Acclimatization 1, Zygote Food Acclimatization 1, Oviparous Food Acclimatization 1, and Mammal Food Acclimatization 1.
  • Eumycota Food Acclimatization 2, Zygote Food Acclimatization 2, Oviparous Food Acclimatization 2, and Mammal Food Acclimatization 2.

– Remember that genetic mutations are random in baby apes and take time to get. They require you to skip generations and evolve in order to develop/lock in.
– To boost chances of the genetic mutations necessary for this achievement, eat all four of the food groups mentioned above.
– The Eumycota branch is developed when ingesting mushrooms, the Zygote branch is developed when ingesting fish, the Oviparous branch is developed when ingesting fish, and the Mammal branch is developed when ingesting meat (of any kind).


Be the Apex Predator. Kill all possible predators.

As previously mentioned, you will encounter many different predators throughout the game. This achievement is obtainable by killing all the possible predators in the game. Note that not all hostile animals are predators, only some of them are.

The eight predators you must kill in order to receive this achievement are:

  • Bateleur Eagle
    – Found in: Jungle.
  • Black-Backed Jackal
    – Found in: Canyon, Savanna.
  • Black Machairodus
    – Found in: Every biome.
  • Golden Machairodus
    – Found in: Every biome.
  • Hyena
    – Found in: Savanna, Woodland.
  • Miocene Pelican
    – Found in: Ocean.
  • Thorbjarnarson’s Crocodile
    – Found in: Jungle, Lake, Woodland.
  • White Machairodus
    – Found in: Every biome.

– Work on your Neuronal pathways that boost success of attacks to achieve this faster.
– Refer to Youtube Explanation in the “Miss Me! Miss Me!” section to learn how to counterattack.

Evolution Achievements

Throughout the game, you will be progressing through Neuronal, Generational, and Evolutionary means. To obtain the next five achievements, you must evolve through your Evolution tab. Below will be a list of the achievements and the time frame you will need to evolve to in order to achieve each evolutionary era.

Millenium Man

Become Orrorin Tugenensis.

Time frame: 7.2 – 5.5 million years ago.Ardi


Become Ardipithecus Ramidus.

Time frame: 5.5 – 3.9 million years ago.


Become Australopithecus Afarensis.

Time frame: 3.9 – 2.5 million years ago.

The Tuang Child

Become Australopithecus Africanus.

Time frame: 2.5 – 2 million years ago.


Launch the last possible evolution of Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey.

Time frame: 2 million years ago.

– The more evolutionary feats you receive, the faster you will evolve. These can be viewed in the Evolution tab.
– Births will add to the number of years you leap forward, deaths will take away from the total number of years you leap forward. Make sure to have baby apes, and avoid members of your tribe dying.

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