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Angel Wings – Complete Kei’s Route Guide

This guide will be covering the steps on how you can complete Kei’s route in Angel Wings. If you’re one of the players having a hard time completing this character route, this guide is for you.

Before we start, please note that this guide may contain spoilers of the game. Continue reading at your own risk.

Who is Kei?

Kei is the first and probably most notable character you encounter. She plays the role of a loving house mother for all the girls. Her route is very straightforward and needs no effort at all. Her appearance is based on Choa from the group AOA.

Kei’s Endings

In this section, I’m going to give you the options to choose how to get the ending for this character as well as the few options to take some achievements of the game. Note that you can save at any time to get back to your save point so that you spend less time playing and get more achievements out of a single run.

Some of these may be out of order, depending on your route. I did my route by Route Selection, so adding the right answers at the right point in time for other routes that have more girls could be spotty. I might even miss an interaction, but it probably doesn’t matter if it’s not up here. These are all the choices that will give you results.

  • Bad Ending – You realize your new life was a set-up and you choose to reject it. You go back to your old city in your dead-end store job.
  • Good Ending – You accept that your new life was a set-up and you live happily ever after with Kei.

How to do Kei’s Route

To do the route for character Kei, you must be in New Game+.

Before the Beach

The breakpoint for Kei’s Good Ending is 8+.

Value Option

“It’s good.”

  • You are safe to pick either option.
+1 Help her out.
+1 “A little.”
+1 “I came to visit you.”

“I think so.”

  • When it comes to “I think so.”, this is if someone or yourself asks how you feel about Kei.
  • Choosing “She’s not my type.” will remove -1.
  • Choosing “I think so/I think I like her.” will remove -1 to all girls but add +1 to Kei.
+1 “I could stop by to keep you company.”
+1 Text her anyway.
+1 “It’s a little boring without you here.”

The Beach

Value Option
+1 Kei’s car.
+1 Change the subject.

Kei – Stay with her for a bit.

  • Make sure to approach Kei on the beach when given the option.
  • Selecting Kei won’t add +1 but staying with her for a bit will add +1.
+0 “I like it too.”
+1 “Yeah.”

After the Beach

Value Option

Ask Questions

  • I’m genuinely unsure if any of these will add +1 since Kei is generally very dodgy about answering questions.

“I’m thankful for everything.”

  • Alternatively, you can choose “I’m not a kid.” to add +1.
+0 Ask to help.

A real dinner.

  • It will add +1 upon entering this scene, so the option doesn’t matter.
  • You can choose any food to make.

“I don’t know.”

  • Despite the compassion Kei shows with this, neither option adds +1.
+0 Respond warmly.
+1 Grab it.
+0 “We can have the place to ourselves.”

The Final Dinner

There are 4 achievements on this final day alone. To get all 4 achievements, save your game at dinner before choosing “It’s a little lonely here tonight.”

The breakpoint for Kei’s good ending is 8+.

Value Option

“It’s a little lonely here tonight.”

  • Selecting “This isn’t what I wanted.” here will give you the “As You Wish” achievement.
+0 “I’m happy here now.”

Log in.

  • This will give you the “Sensitive Information.” achievement.
  • Selecting “Ignore It.” will lead you to Kei’s Ending.

Accept your new life.

  • This option will give you the “Kei’s Ending” achievement.

“This isn’t what I wanted.”

  • This option will give you the “Dark Side.” achievement.

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