Angelo and Deemon One Hell of a Quest Achievement Walkthrough

By using the tab key, you will be able to identify the majority of clickable areas. It’s important to take pictures during your journey. Despite what the achievements may suggest, you only require about 33 pictures, so if you miss any, there is no need to worry.


Open door with phone
Enter and up the stairs
Go to end of hallway, open the door
Use Reapers phone on pc cable
Talk to Reaper
Use search engine on pc, like the video

Watch and Learn
Watch video

To Like, Or Not To Like?
Like video

Enter bathroom
Pick up toilet roll and toothbrush from cabinet
Get apple magnet and soda inside fridge
Use soda, toothbrush and toilet roll on microwave
Combine magnet with Reapers phone
Use on microwave, give it to Reaper

New Life for a Blogger
Story Achievement


Take photo (phone) of Reaper and the tram
Take business card and tape from it
Take hose from metal sign
Call the phone number

Customer Service
Call support line

Talk to the robot
Take photo of robot and train
Enter the train
Talk to the demon
Call the business card
Use drink on glass
Use hose on safe
Use tape on hope, click hose by the chair
Examine mic stand
Get mic from demon, place on stand
Talk to Reaper
Get badge, give to demon
Enter the train

Highway to Hell
Story Achievement


Take photo of old man and dog
Talk to the dog and then biker

Pet Lover
Talk about dog

Take photo of bike and tower

Big Brother is Watching You
Photo a tower

Press the button
Take photo of chair, sit on it

Take photo of tank, examine it
Try to take sweater
Take photo of dog, talk to it
Take the bucket
Try to take fishing rod
Take photo of island and man
Talk to the man

Military Contract
Talk about weapons

Take the money
Use boat to leave

Take photo of pump, use money
Take photo of door and wind vane
Use Deemon on wind vane, then trampoline, pick up
Take photo of car, use it to leave

Back of the Future
Photo a car

Photo the car, man and tentacle
Click on tentacle, photo again
Talk to man, give bucket, photo again
Exit to left and use elevator

Head back to Mr P, talk to him
Click on tv
Use phone on dog, then Deemon
Just click the buttons instructed

Back to the biker, use phone
You can now travel to places with the bike


Take photo of cars and driver
Talk to driver
Take photo of bar and security
Talk to security, for an achievement don’t click the right answers Ruined life, Cook home, Be kind

Golden Youth
Fail test

Enter bar
Look at weird guy picture
Take photo of picture, poker table, balloon, clown man
Talk to clown man
Take photo of security, talk to
Take photo of bartender, talk to

Portrait of Madness
Learn about picture

Click on the champagne bottle
Leave this place for Cold Hell

Take photo of hand and man

Selfie King
Have a photo taken

Talk to the man
Click the ice
Talk to man again

Head back to the station and Mr P
Give him the bottle
Use Deemon on fishing rod
Give the fish to dog
Take sweater

Back to Cold Hell
Take photo of Reinkanator
Use phone on it, use sweater

Upgrade phone

Give man the heater
Take ice, combine with Deemon
Back to bar
Give Deemon to the bartender
Take cocktail and enter office

Private Visit
Story Achievement

Take photo of skeleton, dog and Devil

True Blogger
Take a lot of photos

Talk to the Devil
Take photo of rug, talk to him
Pick up golden phone
Take photo of fish, talk to it


Make your way back to the station and to the island with the cabin
Take chip from fridge
Take photo of parrot, talk to
Take photo of chair, click it
Talk to hacker
Pick up the saltpeter that just dropped
Reenter the cabin
Take photo of hacker, talk to
Back outside
Take photo of tree and electrical pole. This is the last picture you can take in the game
Combine Wind Vane with Deemon
Talk to the hacker and sit on the chair

Enter the Matrix
Story Achievement

Talk to the lady
Look at job post
Take out of service sign
Talk to the lady
Examine coffee machine and journals
Talk to the lady
Call hacker
Swap the journals around
Place out of service sign on coffee machine
Call hacker again
Remove the sign
Call the hacker
Click on the picture
Swap the journals again
Talk to the lady for a final time
Enter the office and talk to CEO


We need to go back to the bar and the devils office
Talk to the rug
Try to get stamp from fish tank

Head to cold hell
Upgrade the golden phone in the reinkantor

Back to the cabin
Use salt in the loading part of machine
Talk to hacker
Give gold phone to parrot

To the bar
Talk to the driver

Final time to cabin
Talk to hacker
Pick up the TNT

Final time to bar
Use TNT on clown
Take the balloon
Use balloon on the fish
Take ticket from machine, insert chip
Pick up the stamp – DO NOT combine with ticket

Final destination the station
Give ticket to old man
Enter the gate

Personal Hell
Alt End

Use pc to return
Combine ticket with stamp, give to old man
Reenter the gates
Talk to the tram

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