Instantly Unlock Post-Human Warrior Achievement in Crysis 2 Remastered

Download the Save Game File(.rar) and extract it. After extraction is done, put the extracted folder in this location

C:\Users\username\Saved Games\Crysis2Remastered

and replace when prompted.

Make sure to do a backup of your files and turn your steam cloud OFF before attempting this!

Link of the Save game can be found here.

Post-Human Warrior

Post-Human Warrior

After following the steps mentioned above start the game and click on Continue, you will spawn in the last checkpoint of the game. Complete the last section and the achievement will unlock.

It will also unlock the following achievements if not unlocked earlier: Medal of Honor, Heart of Darkness, Men of Destiny, Evolution, City That Never Sleeps and Start Spreading the News.

Speeding Ticket and The Tourist

Start the game with the above mentioned steps and Load mission 2 (Second Chance). The last souvenir and the last speeding ticket can be found on this mission on the following places, collect them and the achievement will unlock.

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