Angry Arrows – How to Get the “Warrior” Achievement

In my opinion, one of the most challenging and frustrating achievements is Warrior. As a result, I’ve put together a quick guide to help others who may be struggling with this achievement.

While this achievement can be daunting, there are several strategies that can help players overcome the challenges it presents. By following these tips and techniques, players can increase their chances of success and hopefully avoid some of the frustration that can come with attempting this achievement.

Whether it’s mastering a particular gameplay mechanic or refining your strategy, there are many ways to improve your chances of achieving Warrior achievement. By sharing my own experiences and insights, I hope to make this achievement more accessible to others who may be struggling to unlock it.

Overall, while Warrior may be one of the most challenging and frustrating achievements, it is by no means impossible to achieve. With patience, perseverance, and a bit of luck, anyone can overcome this obstacle and emerge victorious.

Warrior Achievement Guide

To begin with, I find it absurd that the game recommends using a controller when it is significantly easier to aim with a mouse. Thus, I suggest that you use a keyboard and mouse instead.

The strategy for this game primarily involves spamming arrows for a certain period. My recommendation would be to play the game normally until you reach Wave 5. Once you reach that point, head to the designated spot and execute the strategy as shown in the screenshot below.

I have a second character in the game that I use as a backup in case I die. I simply plugged in a controller and positioned both characters in the corner next to the stone wall. From there, I spam arrows off to the right and slightly down, aiming towards the top-middle of the arena.

The enemies in this game have a peculiar tendency to investigate wherever an arrow lands. As a result, by continuously firing arrows, the enemy count will gradually decrease. Often, you can achieve multiple kills in a row with just a single shot. Although there may be long pauses between kills, the enemies will keep coming. They will rarely venture up to the corner where your characters are positioned, but if they do, you should be able to take them out with ease. Depending on the wave you’re on, at some point, the kills will slow down, and you will need to venture out to finish off the remaining enemies. Ideally, all the archers will be dead, but if that’s not the case, keep a lookout for them. You’ll also need to eliminate all the metal spiders camped around the arena, which could number more than ten on later waves.

An added benefit of this strategy is that all the coins will be located in the same spot, making it easy to collect them. However, be sure to grab them after every wave, or the game will start lagging if too many coins pile up on the floor. While using a controller as a backup is not required, it can come in handy if you’re having trouble staying alive.

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