Ken Follett’s The Pillars of the Earth Achievement Walkthrough Guide

Through this guide, you will have the detail of the actions chapter by chapter to achieve the achievements of the game. So this is NOT a walkthrough, you will be able to make your own story choices.


This guide is intended for players wishing to know the different actions to be taken to unlock the 41 steam achievements of the game. It is therefore not a walkthrough.

Here you can make your own story choices, move where you want, talk to whoever you want and whatever dialogue choices you want.

I advise you to read the different actions to perform before starting the different chapters so as not to be caught off guard. Be careful, some achievements are to start at a previous chapter.

The achievements are in the order of their appearance during the game, with (I hope) as much detail as possible to fully understand the story without spoiling your discovery.

Book I – Prologue

At the end of the chapter (during delivery):
The following actions must be performed in this order:

  • Cover Agnès with the blanket.
  • Find something to occupy the children:
    • Send Alfred to get more water.
    • Send Martha picking reeds.
  • While waiting for Alfred in the water, tell twice a story to Agnès.
  • As soon as Alfred brings the water, send him to get more firewood to make the fire bigger.
  • Warm your hands with lukewarm water.
  • Caress Agnès with warm hands.
  • Speak with Agnes.

It doesn’t matter what you choose as a response to his last statement.

Helping Agnès as much as possible during childbirth.

Book I – Chapter 1

Start the chapter according to your choices.

Extinguish the four candles inside the cathedral.

Let there be darkness
Extinguishing the candles in the cathedral.

After listening to the two novices fishing near the cemetery, tell Remigius (prior’s house) that Markus stole the keys.
Tip: You need the keys 2 times in the chapter: Don’t return them to the monk in the kitchen until you’ve used them both times (Catacombs (Story) and Mount (Imperative for Success)).

Report a crime to the monks of Kingsbridge.

After collecting the stolen keys, you can go to the mill outside the priory to go inside using the keys on the door.

One more secret
Unlock a mystery room in Kingsbridge.

At the entrance to the chapter, to the left of the bridge, there is a “Path between the trees”. Pick up the beechnuts here, then return to the kitchen. Use the beechnuts on Milius’ decorated pot.

Garden of Eden
Help Milius build his garden.

Before starting the chapter meeting: Remember to invite all the monks, even those who are not indicated in the meeting conditions. This will unlock the achievement.

Invite everyone to the chapter meeting.

Before Starting the Chapter Meeting (Optional):

  • You can pick up a hot stone in the kitchen with the cheese wrapper after giving it away. Use this hot stone on Monk Paul at the bridge level.
  • Return the keys to the monk inside the kitchens, you don’t need them anymore.

During the meeting, simply do not make any choices. Stay silent.

Silentium is aureum
Let others speak.

When having a discussion with your brother Francis in the cemetery house, at the 3rd answer choice, you must select “Accept Francis’ plan”, or you will miss several achievements (in addition to the following ).

The world of politics
Get involved in your brother’s political affairs.

Book I – Chapter 2

Start the chapter according to your choices until the baby and your new encounter.

NOTE: By the end of Chapter 3, there are a pair of achievements related to how we treat Alfred (Friend or Foe). There is a way to keep our interactions with him at a neutral level, which will allow us thanks to a future save to be able to achieve the two successes in a row.

Alfred will come at you aggressively. You will need to answer:

  • “I don’t have the baby.”
  • “Give me my book!”
  • “Jack”
  • “Watch”

On the map, your path (blue dots) should be:

  • “Follow the monk’s trail”
  • “Follow the river” (NOT cross). Alfred will make an observation, choose “say nothing”
  • “Keep walking”

Once you regain control, interact with Alfred and choose “Wake him up”, then respond:

  • “The fog is lifting”
  • “I’m not an animal, I’m a hunter”
  • “Yes, I can kill”

In the cave, you will be in charge of serving dinner.
Choose to serve Martha first, Alfred second, then yourself.

Book I – Chapter 3

NOTE: Pay particular attention to the instructions in this section. There are three achievements that we will unlock in neighboring chapters, but they require actions in this one.

Start with (Pick up apples) & (Pick up a handful of hay), and feed your horse with it. (Taking these two items is also part of the achievement “The Hand in the Bag”, Chapter 6)

Faithful Companion
Take care of your pony.

Then continue your actions with Philip according to your own choices.

After regaining control of Jack, do the story WITHOUT interacting with Alfred.
Arrived at the city, use your slingshot on Martha to teach her. And pass 2 QTE sessions. (“Like a big brother” chapter 5).

Move around the city as you wish, EXCEPT talk to the red knight (see success below). Speak with the knights in blue standing to the right of the door that leads to the castle before entering it.

In the castle, Tom the Builder is having a discussion and comes out, asking you to follow him. Don’t, instead use your slingshot on the count in front of the fire.

Rebel, rebel
Having trouble with the Earl of Shiring.

Just tap retry to get back to normal.

Speak with the sweeping man, and say to him: “Lady Aliena?”, in order to get a hint for a success.
You can chat and explore as you want in this room. Before leaving, grab a chicken leg from a bowl on the table to the right.
Outside, use the chicken thigh on the knights in blue.

Apprentice Knight
Try to become a knight.

When you are on the ramparts, talk to the red knight.
Choose no answer, just let the time pass, until you get the success.

Steel gaze
Support the gaze.

While you are looking for the repairs to be made, before informing Tom, go back to your mother, Martha and Alfred.
Use the Chicken Leg from your inventory on Alfred to spawn the 1st of his achievements.

Fragile Friendship
Become friends with Alfred.

Then reload the save you just made, and don’t give NOT the leg to Alfred this time.

Use the princess’ clue on Martha.
Don’t answer anything during the whole discussion that follows (“The taste of mystery” chapter 5).

Then continue your actions.

At the end of the chapter, if you have followed all the instructions for Alfred, another achievement will be unlocked when the summary of chapter 3 appears.

Lone Wolf
Become an enemy with Alfred.

(Being friends with Alfred or not does not change Alfred and Jack’s relationship for the rest of the game. Their rivalry is set in stone.)

Book I – Chapter 5

Start the chapter with Philip according to your choices.

When you have regained control of Jack, give your slingshot to Martha to unlock the previously initiated achievement.

Like a big brother
Show Martha how to use the slingshot whenever possible.

Feel free to explore anywhere and chat with anyone now.

Then, enter the cloister through the open door at the back of the cathedral. Talk to one of the monks and answer that you are “Jack The Builder”.
Hiding Jack’s identity from Aliena in Chapter 3, and now from the Monks, grants you the achievement.

The taste of mystery
Remain discreet about your past.

Then continue your actions.

In the attic of the cathedral, during your story action near the nest, choose “Don’t do it”.

Change your mind before causing a great catastrophe.

Then continue the story according to your choices.

Book I – Chapter 6

Start the chapter according to your choices.

Speak as you wish with Lady Hamleigh next to the jails to initiate chapter achievements.
When you are at the Bishop’s Palace, after exploring, enter the palace.
Take the knife, plate and cup from the table.

MAKE A BACKUP HERE. There are two achievements you can get here depending on whether you clear or steal the items.
Place all three items on the table and receive your first of 2 possible successes here.

Everything is in order
Repair the chaos created by William.

This time, don’t put any of the items back on the table.
Continue the scene, and when you talk to Timmy, choose “Ask about the construction site”, you will be reprimanded for stealing, and get the achievement.

Hand in the bag
Steal the bishop’s property whenever possible.

(After the achievement success appears, feel free to load the save again if you want to advance as a good boy.)

Once back in Winchester, you will immediately be in conversation with Lady Hamleigh. The first dialog choice is yours, then:

  • “Refuse and haggle for a better deal”
  • “You need me”
  • “Divide County”

The Negotiator
Negotiating the best deal for Kingsbridge.

Then continue the story according to your choices.

Book I – Chapter 7

No achievement or particular choice to be made

End of Book 1
Complete book 1.

Book II – Prologue

No achievement or particular choice to be made

Book II – Chapter 8

Scramble down to the map however you want.

On your way to Winchester, you will meet a mysterious woman. She will give you refuge. This choice will affect whether or not Richard survives an achievement and so it is IMPORTANT that you choose “Take Risks: Trust Him to Help Richard”.

Then continue the story according to your choices.

Book II – Chapter 9

Start and chat as you want, until you see your father

In the dialogue with this one, you MUST choose “I swear” for future success (“The Oath” Chapter 19).

Then head to the market.
You will notice people in green looking for you, don’t wait for their dialogue to end, go straight back to the right and exit in the direction you came from .

On the brink of death
Escape from the knights.

Keep looking for clues and your path afterwards.

During your journey, you will meet a shepherd. The conversation has no particular choice, then use “The Father’s Money” in your inventory on the Shepherd.
In the conversation that follows, for future success, you must:

  • (Start by inspecting the quality) Now inspect the bag to its right.
  • Speak again and choose (Offer one pound) and (Insist on paying only one pound).

Return to the abandoned house and cheer up Richard:

  • “We’ll get through this”
  • “We could become wool merchants”

You will be interrupted. Stab the person to save Richard and you will have a dialogue success.

Stay together.

At Winchester Market, inspect your wool cart for a wool sample then talk to the wool merchant. No particular dialogue choice.

The following choices are required for implementation:

  • “But that’s what I paid for it!”
  • (Let Richard speak)

When the dialogue ends, inspect the wool cart repeatedly until Aliena and Richard remember the information.
Go back to the merchant and select:

  • (To praise the qualities of wool)
  • (Dry)
  • (Own)
  • (Solid)
  • (Humble: 1 Pound 1/4 pounds)
  • (Reasonable: 1 Pound 1/2 pounds)
  • (Accept)

First benefits
Make a profit.

Book II – Chapter 10

Start and chat as you want, until you get out of the cathedral.
From there, I advise you to discuss as you want with the different possibilities that the market place offers (especially with Tom). Then achieve the following 3 successes.

Tips for those who want to explore all chat options:

  • During your first visit to the mill and the discussion that follows, end with (Talking about your problems).
  • When talking to the quarreling workers at the cemetery behind the cathedral, choose “Sub-Prior” last

Go to the Treaders, on the left side of the village (3 women icon), there is a short conversation that gives you a clue.
At the bridge, go left after Paul’s toll and go down the “Jack’s Quarry Road”. Interact with Ellen for a brief conversation, then use the clue on the treader hands on her to get nettle.
In the monastery kitchen, use the nettle on the mortar. You will get balm after a QTE.
Use the balm on the treaders for another hit.

Labour Union
Helping the treaders.

There are 3 wasp nests that you must destroy with the slingshot for success.
You can restart the QTE as many times as possible until you succeed.
Nest 1/3 is in the cathedral, on the right.
Nest 2/3 is at the bottom of the cemetery, behind the cathedral.
Nest 3/3 is outside the mill. (You will have to go back, not possible on your first visit)

Troubleshooting Kingsbridge Bug Problems.

Inside the mill, interact with “Jonathan playing with ants” to get some.
In the cloister, you will have to defend Aliena’s honor and take revenge on Alfred!
– Use your slingshot on him! (1/3)
– Use the ants on him. (2/3)
– Finally, interact with Jonathan’s chalk drawing to “Write something that annoys Alfred”. (3/3)

Take revenge.

Note: If you reloaded your save and chose to be friendly with Alfred, this will be changed slightly. Instead, head to the cathedral where Alfred works. Use the ants and the slingshot on him and interact with the “unfinished part” of the ground to write the message.

Continue your exploration and chat as you want then until (Get back to work) when you click on the large entrance door to the cathedral.
For the following, select these choices:

  • “I saw a monk in black on the market”
  • “He almost stepped on a few chickens”

NOTE: At the toll, before going to Jack’s Quarry, make a save in case you fail the QTE. (If you fail, you can continue the story, but you won’t get success, so you MUST succeed).

Continue on your way and pass the skill test to get your achievement!

Catch the suspect

Finish the chapter by walking around, or head to Shiring directly.

Book II – Chapter 11

You can explore and chat as you want

When you start talking with Meg, choose the dialogue options:

  • (Be a diplomat)
  • (Acknowledge the problem)

Leave the market and use the piece of wool from your inventory on the Flemish merchants (icon with 3 men on the left (Not the monks)). Go back to the market and speak with Meg. Select:

  • (Organize a public auction)
  • (Propose a compromise)

Expert trader
Negotiate brilliantly.

Thereafter, you can divide the money between Phillip and Richard as you wish. Start with Phillip, and wait for Richard.

In the Tavern District on the right side of town, you can talk to Richard (on the right) to initiate an achievement that involves Richard and Alonso. No particular dialogue choice here.

On the preview map. Use the Quarrel Hint you just got on the “Meat Carrying Girl” slightly to the north and that hint will update.
Use the new clue on the monks on the left to get a set of Fierges.

Back at the Tavern, use Fierges’ game on Richard. Simply accept ALL of Richard’s decisions during the match and your brother will be victorious.

Team play
Boost the morale of the knights.

Now that the case is settled, use the coins in your inventory on Richard to give him his share of the money.

Return the game board to the monks and return to the marketplace, to continue the story with Phillip. No particular dialogue then, make your choices.

Book II – Chapter 12

No achievement or particular choice to be made

Book II – Chapter 13

No achievement or particular choice to be made

After a few scenes and discussions, you’ll take control of Phillip in the Cloister.

NOTE: It is recommended to save here, as this part can apparently have problems.

At some point you will have the choice between (Use the grass) or (Throw the grass in the river and use your bible on Mary). Shortly after, you will have a QTE.

!!! GENERAL NOTE !!! : If you die here, DO NOT select “try again” or continue from autosave. Reload the save made previously and try the QTE again.
Doing either will trigger a bug that will prevent us from calming Marie down and will freeze the game (meaning you’ll have to start the book all over again).

No realization or particular choice to make next

Book II – Chapter 14

No achievement or particular choice to be made

End of book 2
Complete Book 2.

Book III – Chapter 15

Make your choices of routes and dialogues as you wish.

In Toledo, in the wealthy merchant’s house, on the right you can (Look inside) and pick up Jack’s slingshot from the table.

Jack was here!
Find Jack’s trail.

Book III – Chapter 16

Start and chat as you want

After your sermon, you encounter a traveling priest and his jugglers claiming to carry a miracle. There is a success to prove the miracle wrong, so question it:

  • “Which country are you from?”
  • “Tell us a little about Africa”
  • “What is a fig tree?”

Go back one scene to Explore Surroundings, then talk to the Juggler on the left, near Martha.
Then, interact with the Camel.
Go talk to the Foreign Monks on the right side of the screen.
Finally, go to “Examine the back of the carriage” and interact with the curtains.

Just an illusion
Find all telltale clues.

Then continue the story according to your choices.

Book III – Chapter 17

Begin the story with Jack according to your choices.

When you control Aliena, you must meet all of Elizabeth’s needs in the hut:

  • Grab the blanket hanging next to the door.
  • Take the bowl on the small table and use it with the pot by the fire.

Return to interact with Elizabeth and select:

  • (Find something to warm her up)
  • Use cover on Elizabeth.
  • (Find him something to eat)
  • Use the small bowl of soup on Elizabeth.

Call for help
Caring for a soul mate.

During the conversation that follows, you can respond according to your choices.
When Walter arrives, to help Elizabeth, choose: (Give him the dagger)

Preparing Elizabeth for the worst.

Then continue the story according to your choices.

Book III – Chapter 18

Start the chapter according to your choices.

In the kitchen, interact with the thieves and complete both QTEs to stun the attacker with Jack’s slingshot. Failure will result in Philip’s death, select retry if this happens.

Brother Marcus
Bringing up a consequence of the past.

Note: If there was only one thief (no success), it means that you did not denounce the novice thieves in the first book (success “Witness”). Your only option in this case is to replay everything.

Then continue the story according to your choices. During the meeting, all that matters at the end is the answer: (Aliena: I’ll talk to the outlaws.). It is needed to start the next achievement.
Make sure on the map to visit all points EXCEPT Shiring to get information.
In Monksfield, you will have to convince the outlaws with the following dialogues:

  • (Ask about the Butcher Shop)
  • (Guide them)
  • (Specify that you have experienced poverty)
  • (Remember that your father was a righteous earl)
  • (Talking about Philip’s support)

Vox Populi
Raise an army.

Book III – Chapter 19

Start the chapter according to your choices.

You will have interactions until you see William.
If you chose to go it alone, be prepared for a QTE. Otherwise, the scene will unfold by itself.

The Oath
Keeping your promise.

Then you will address the men. Start the dialogue according to your choices.
After Richard speaks, you MUST select: “Thanks, bro…”

Countess Aliena
Become a countess.

Book III – Chapter 20

Start the chapter according to your choices.

Afterwards, you will have to gather clues to find the missing witness:

  • Select Jack’s father and use it with Bishop Waleran.
  • Select Jack’s father and use with Prior James.
  • Select the Chalice and use it with Prior James.
  • Select the secret chamber and use it with Prior James.

The truth comes out
Bringing the conspiracy to light.

Then continue the story according to your choices.

Book III – Chapter 21

No achievement or particular choice to be made

Complete Book 3!

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