Antonball Deluxe

Antonball Deluxe – How To Unlock Everything

This guide will be covering the details on how you can obtain all unlockables in Antonball Deluxe. Note that most of the unlockables will require a certain amount of points to get every stage, characters, and vinyl that you can use for the lottery machine.

Here, we will be showing you the ones that can’t be won through the lottery. Also, we will be giving you the hidden character that can be unlocked after getting everything in Antonball Deluxe.

How to Unlock Everything in Antonball Deluxe


Antonball Deluxe

  • Paul: The Funny Button.
  • Micro-Demon: Play on Devilled Gardens VS Stage. He’ll appear in the lottery.
  • Classic Anton: Beat Arcade Mode without continues. Must be all in one go.
  • Classic Annie: Beat Punchball Mode without continues. Must be all in one go.
  • Bebo The Ballbuster: Beat all Punchball Bonuses.


  • Old Manton
  • Mini-Mitt
  • Anton’s Dog
  • Annie’s Cat
  • Ant on Ball
  • Red Guy
  • Antari
  • Don
  • Cooper
  • Clive
  • Peppino

Brulo: This can only be obtained after unlocking everything in the game.


  • Boiler Bash: Beat Arcade Mode.
  • Jungle Jam: Beat Arcade Jam Jungle Bonus.
  • Antontica: Beat Arcade Fudge Mountain Bonus.
  • Mortar Mayhem: Beat Arcade Brick Factory Bonus.


  • Ballosseum
  • Beach Brawl
  • Devilled Gardens

DOT MATRIX: Press L+R and Select on the VS screen when you have Classic Anton and Classic Annie unlocked.


All from the lottery.

Guide by Cness.

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