Aquatico Controls Guide for PC

After a long wait, developer Digital Reef Games has officially launched Aquatico. To help you get started, this page will cover the list of all Aquatico controls and keyboard shortcuts for Windows PC. Aquatico is now available on PC via Steam.

Aquatico Controls

The following are the default Aquatico key bindings. To change these default Aquatico controls, go to the Options > Controls tab. Make sure that you hit the “Apply” button to save the changes.

Pan UpW
Pan DownS
Pan LeftA
Pan RightD
Rotation LeftQ
Rotation RightE
Zoom InMouse Scroll Up
Zoom OutMouse Scroll Down
Toggle GridG
Show InventoryI
Show Jobs BoardJ
Show Research TreeU
Show Subsurface Base PanelK
Show MinimapM
Show Residents PanelV
Show AnnualO
Buildings OverviewL
Show Expedition MapT
Toggle Dome / Ground ViewTab
Building RotationR
Change ModelB
Quick SaveF1
Toggle InterfaceEnter
Photo ModeF8
Game PauseSpacebar
Camera to BaseH
Speed x11
Speed x22
Speed x33
Speed x44
Toggle Info OverlayN
Camera Look UpHome
Camera Look DownEnd
Pause MenuEsc
Aquatico Controls

If you want to try to play the game, you can download the demo version of Aquatico for free on Steam.