Aragami Achievements Walkthrough Guide

While Aragami’s achievements are relatively straightforward, this guide collects all the achievements that one can obtained throughout the game.


Brief Note:

While none of Aragami’s 51 achievements are missable, certain achievements are tied to the Nightfall DLC for the game. This means that owning the DLC is necessary in order to get the 100%!

On a side note as well, none of the achievements are linked to the difficulty you play the game at. In other words, go around these achievements on any difficulty. Higher difficulty means more enemies, so a good hint for certain technical achievements is to just go in on Easy difficulty.

Happy hunting!

Story Chapters

These achievements are obtained by completing all 13 chapters of the game


Complete Chapter 1

The Call of Shadows

Complete Chapter 2

Chimes of the Past

Complete Chapter 3

The Shaded Woods

Complete Chapter 4

The Great Lake

Complete Chapter 5

Mausoleum of the Fallen

Complete Chapter 6


Complete Chapter 7

The Old Sage

Complete Chapter 8

The Last Captain

Complete Chapter 9

Military District

Complete Chapter 10

The Sixth Talisman

Complete Chapter 11


Complete Chapter 12

Twin Souls

Complete Chapter 13


Medals are obtained by achieving specific goals within each level. It is not possible to get all 3 medals in one go due to the conflicting nature of the ‘Oni’ and ‘Kami’ medals. Therefore it will need a few runs on each chapter to get them.

Yurei Medals

Yurei medals are obtained by being never detected. This may sound vague, but being never detected only refers to the horn that blows when a guard notifies the entire camp. Making a guard suspicious (Yellow) or on alert (Orange) does not void the Yurei Medal.

Just the wind

Obtained a ‘Yurei’ medal


Obtain all ‘Yurei’ medals

Oni Medals

Oni medals are obtained by killing

allenemies on the levels. This includes all guards and all archers. This medal is not impacted if the player is discovered, or the guards are alerted. As long as no enemy is still breathing by the time the level is finished, you get the Oni Medal.

No witnesses

Obtained a ‘Oni’ medal

God of Death

Obtain all ‘Oni’ medals

Kami Medals

Kami medals are the exact polar opposite of Oni medals. This medals requires the player to

neverkill a guard during the level. This medal is also not impacted by the Yurei level requirements, but is much more difficult to achieve than Oni. I recommend doing this on Easy since there are less enemies to slip past.

There’s always a choice

Obtained a ‘Kami’ medals


Obtain all ‘Kami’ medals


Throughout all chapters (with the exception of Chapter 13) there are scrolls that are hidden around the level. While you can manually canvas the entire level, you can also slowly upgrade Kurosu (the crow) to level 3, which is the Hidden Knowledge Scroll. There are achievements for getting all scrolls and getting all skills.


Find a Scroll

Shadow Master

Find all Scrolls

Alternatively you can refer to this guide from ★ SmolGui ★ if you have yet to unlock the Kurosu skill:

Aragami Skills

These are achievements that require certain skills to achieve. Skills are obtained by getting scrolls (see above) and can be unlocked either by pressing F1 or through the pause menu.

The first step

Unlock a Skill


Unlock all Skills

God Eater

Use ’Shinen’ to swallow 3 guards at the same time

Pretty self explanatory, put down Shinen on the ground and then attract 3 guards to investigate your position. Once they are close enough, activate Shinen and it will suck in all the guards, and the achievement will pop.

Wombo Combo

Concatenate multiple stealth kills

This achievement requires two stealth kills in rapid succession. I got this one on Chapter 3 (with the Kurosuna skill). After heading past the initial group of enemies, you will find two people standing next to each other chatting.

Selecting the Kurosuna skill (shadow blind), get as close to the two as possible without alerting them. Closer distance just means the button spamming will be a lil easier.

Now blind them with E (make sure both enemies have the red mark above their heads) and spam space bar to quickly dispatch the both of them to get Wombo Combo.

The skill in question:

The Darkness

Perform your first Shadow Kill

The player must first unlock the Shadow Kill under Aragami Skills. This unlocks the ability to send the enemy into the Shadow Realm on kill, and requires the player to press and hold their kill key.

Once the skill is unlocked, using it on any enemy will trigger the achievement. While it sounds loud, the Shadow Kill itself doesn’t attract enemies unless they see you. But on the safer side, just find an isolated guard.

Aggressive Climbing

Perform a Ledge Kill

Players must first unlock the skill through the Aragami Skills tree. In a nutshell the skill allows for players to immediately stealth kill whoever is standing near a ledge by shadowing leaping to said ledge.

Once unlocked, performing any ledge kill will result in the achievement. Note that a kill is considered a ledge kill if a) it has the arrows pointing up during the shadow leap and b) it is red.

Just that, but red.

Up and Down

Perform a Ceiling Kill

Not actually sure if the Ledge Kill skill is required, however the conditions for the kill suggest that it may be needed. You can obtain this achievement by shadow leaping to the ceiling, and turning it into an Aerial Kill. This is best achieved in Chapter 1.

At one point, you will be introduced to the Aerial Kill before entering a house.

Inside is a guard patrolling, we will take advantage of the ceiling on the right of the house, where the guard stops for a bit.

When the guard has arrived in the room and stopped, look up at the ceiling and prepare a Shadow Leap. You will see that the dot has become red with a glowing red bit on the ceiling instead of the usual blue. The kill icon will also appear.

Ceiling Kill achieved!


These achievements can be completed through regular gameplay. Some of these achievements may require some set up for it to work, while some are only obtainable on chapters where these items do exist.

Face Off

Get killed by an arrow while throwing a ‘Kunai’

After unlocking the ‘Kunai’ skill, get an archer into alert mode (Orange) and time the throw so you hit them after they’ve shot the arrow, thereby resulting in both your deaths.


Die while performing a stealth kill

Just stealth kill one guard while alerting another! Since you stab people pretty fast, it’s a matter of how fast the guard can see you. You can use the two people in Chapter 3 from the Wombo Combo achievement for this, as stealth killing one guy will trigger the other. On death the achievement will trigger.

Aragami!? Aragami!!

Die. Again. And again.

It’s simple, just die a lot. Not sure if this is influenced by how you actually meet your demise, but let’s stick to the Kaiho here. After dying a few times in a row, the achievement will pop.

Gravity Rush

Perform an aerial kill from a 10m height

The easiest way to do this is to find an archer tower and aerial kill a guard from there. Especially in the Military District (and similar layout levels), archer towers are relatively tall and can make it easier to do this. Alternatively, the taller archer towers in the forest work too.

Their own medicine

Use an explosive light to kill a guard

Kaiho guards will start to deploy explosive lights in later chapters, which are the floating round balls of light that you see scattered around the level. Normally, if you get too close, the balls will be drawn towards you and then blow up, you simply have to make sure that a guard is there when it blows up. I accomplished this on Chapter 10 (Military District).

Once you cross the bridge there is a ball of light to your left. Attract some guards there (there are 3 in that opening area).

You can then use Kurosuna and blind them momentarily (else you are a dead wraith), before triggering the explosive light, taking down two of the guards with you.

Lights out

Destroy a Light Orb

Likely will be obtained throughout the game as destroying light orbs are essential for unlocking doors and lowering light barriers. If you haven’t gotten this achievement by the very end of the game, you can teach me a thing or two about bypassing the Kaiho.

I don’t care!

Skip a cinematic

Straightforward. During any cinematic, you can press and hold the space key to skip the cinematic. As far as I’m aware, there aren’t any cinematics that you can’t skip, so this should be easily done at any point in the game.


Make a guard suspicious 3 times in a row

Guards are suspicious when the show a question mark, or have a yellow circle above their head (granted that you’ve marked them). When this happens they will investigate the disturbance (either bells or yourself). To get the achievement you simply have to trigger this investigative pattern 3 times on one Kaiho guard.

Nightfall (DLC)

As I mentioned in the intro, the Nightfall DLC is necessary for the 100%, as there are 12 more achievements to obtain for the game.

Fading Shadows

Complete Nightfall: Chapter I

The Soul Alchemist

Complete Nightfall: Chapter II

Hunting for Answers

Complete Nightfall: Chapter III

The Fall

Complete Nightfall: Chapter IV


Obtain all “Yurei” medals in “Nightfall”


Obtain all “Oni” medals in “Nightfall”

Oddly enough, Oni is harder in Nightfall because of Chapter II, which has a slightly time-section. It calls for a more aggressive tactic, as you have to wipe out the guards before the messenger passes through the light barrier.As Dampfsalzig noted on another guide, you can backtrack after reaching the elevator. You will notice during each individual section (in Chapter II) that there are orbs that can be broken to lower the barriers. Do this after the messenger has reached the elevator, then you can easily clear house.


Obtain all “Kami” medals in “Nightfall”


Kill two enemies at once with the help of Twin Shadow (Single Player)

As the description suggests, this is only achievable in Single Player, as Twin Shadow in co-op results in Player A teleporting to Player B’s location. To actually execture this in single player mode, first equip the Twin Shadow skill (which is represented by two circles). You have to mark an enemy by using the skill once, but

do notpress and hold as it will trigger either Hyo or Shinobu will just kill the target.

Instead, kill a target after marking another, and hopefully Hyo/Shinobu will jump in an kill your mark, thereby getting the achievement.

Explosive Death

Kill 4 or more enemies at once with the Explosive Kunai

So we have explosive kunais in Nightfall, which will pulse a dull purple after throwing them to remind you they are there. A good way is to attract a few guards into a house before triggering this. Do note that you can throw this straight into a wall and then attract people over, then trigger it.

I Bring You Darkness

Blind 4 or more enemies with a Shadow Grenade

Similar strategy to explosive kunai, just lure a few guards together before using the grenade.

What Was I Thinking?

Kill the Alchemist’s messenger

Probably one of the funnier achievements. Instead of tailing the messenger in Chapter II, straight up kill them (any way works). You don’t need to finish the level, as the achievement will trigger immediately afterwards and also result in death by default (i.e. restarting from checkpoint).

The Shadows Remember

Recover all Nisshoku katanas

Unlike the main game, there is no Kurosu to help you find all these katanas. As such you will need to either find them manually or refer to a guide. No guides are currently available in English on Steam, however there is one written by Killer_Queen which I will link here:

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