Atari 50: The Anniversary Celebration – All Haunted Houses Maps

Complete maps of all three houses in the new Haunted Houses 3D game.


The new Haunted Houses 3D game of the anniversary celebration is a fun sequel, but it’s designed for the player to draw a map, and a lot of people don’t feel like doing it.

Therefore, I’m sharing with you maps of all three levels in the game.

Remember the different play styles:

– FIRE STARTER is the default style, where you can light a torch by pushing the action button, allowing you to see and pick up objets like in the Atari VCS Haunted House game. If you keep the button pressed, you can create a circle that will attract and kill ghosts.

– GREEN BEAMER is defenceless, but tracks objects nearby.

– STREAM CASTER doesn’t light up the scene around you very much, but you can shoot quickly energy balls to ghosts that’ll neutralise them by pressing the action button.

There is no penalty for starting a house with the lights on. To get a good score, be quick, don’t lose lives, get all scares (wait in front of the areas indicated on the maps for a ghost to pop up and scare you), get as much bonus time as you can (indicated by the Pac-Man ghosts).

Creepy Cabin

Here is the map of the first house, Creepy Cabin. The layout is a direct homage to the original Haunted House game, but the closed doors make it a lot more complicated. The key is generally near the entry of the house.

Terror Tower

Terror Tower is an obvious homage (pretty well done, I might add) to Kubrick’s The Shining. It’s by far the most complicated house in the game, making the map absolutely necessary. The key is around the lobby.

Madness Mansion

Madness Mansion is intimidating, but it’s actually the simplest house if you know its general layout. Keep in mind that there are direct shortcuts between the top floor and the basement. I strongly advise to search for the key immediately, and to go to the basement from a locked door and not from the ‘B’ stairs, which should be your way out when you carry urn pieces.

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