Human Fall Flat – How to Get All Copper World Achievements

Here’s a guide for achieving the Copper World Achievements that won’t spoil too much of the level. We’ll provide both a text and video guide to help you navigate the level without giving away any major spoilers. This guide will give you tips and strategies to complete the achievements successfully without ruining the fun of discovering the level for yourself.

Loose Change

Unfortunately, there is no video available for this achievement as it only involves throwing coins off of a map. Instead, I will provide the location of the coins and the surrounding area to help you complete the achievement. By following these instructions, you should be able to successfully throw the coins off the map without any difficulty.

COIN 1: In the spawn room next to the chair on the ground where you can break the wall.

COIN 2: Up the first elevator you can walk around the top and jump down to where the coin is.

COIN 3: After the incinerator room, take the elevator all the way up after exiting the room into the main area.

COIN 4: Near the exit door there is a lantern, swing onto and around to the other side of the wall.

Square Peg in a Round Hole

To get this achievement, first make your way to the room with the garbage crushers. Once there, run along the side walkways until you spot a conveyor belt on your left. Jump onto the conveyor to grab a box, and then return to where you were standing. On the right-hand side of the garbage crusher, you’ll see a machine that makes batteries. Insert the box into the hole on the right side of the machine, and then turn the crank until the machine is fully powered up and the light turns green. Press the button to begin the conversion process. Once the battery is ready, head back to the start of the garbage crusher that has a battery input. Try to insert the battery into the input hole until the achievement is unlocked.

Cu Later

Just complete the level!

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