ATLAS Update 407.2 Patch Released, Added Farmhouse and More

Developer and publisher Grapeshot Games has rolled out the newest ATLAS update 407.2 bringing adding new contents and addressing bug issues in the game.

As seen in the official release notes, the new ATLAS update 407.2 brings the new farmhouse and stone farmhouse in the game. The new farmhouses is available under the Construction & Merceantilism Esotery of Building. Players now have the option to build both Stone and Wood Farmhouses. Of course, these new buildings will require resources such as woods and thatch.


Apart from the new content, the patch version 407.2 also brings bug fixes in ATLAS. There are also some minor adjustments and balancing included on this patch. We have listed all the changes of this update below, so make sure to check it out.

ATLAS Update 407.2 Patch Notes


  • Added Farmhouse and Stone Farmhouse to the Esotery of Building Skill
  • Requires Smithy to Craft
  • Initial Balance pass on gather speed, radius, cost to build, max weight, fuel cost, etc

Army of the Damned Treasure Guards

  • Reduced number of guards spawned per wave to three
  • Modified type of guards spawned

Abominable Snowman Encounter

  • Removed XP reward

Explosive Barrel

  • Fixed duplication bug

Player XP Rollback

  • Any characters over level 80 have been rolled back to level 80


  • Increased damage by 50%

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