Automobilista 2

Automobilista 2 Update Adds Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit

Developer and publisher Reiza Studios has rolled out the newest Automobilista 2 update adding a new circuit, game fixes, and more.

The main highlight of the update version is the addition of Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit, a car racing track in Midrand, South Africa. Also, the new patch brings the Sigma P1 which was used to race in P2 class in 2019. With the addition of these new contents, Automilista 2 now features up to 40 unique racing classes and 40 venues for more than 70 layouts.

Apart from the new contents, the patch also brings game stability and overall performance improvements, especially in issues in multiplayer mode. For more details, you can find the full patch notes below.

Automobilista 2

Automobilista 2 Update Patch Notes


  • Added Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit
  • Added Sigma P1 to P2 Class
  • Added Passat to Copa Classic FL Class


  • Update App Key used in Live Motion SDK


  • Reduced Fade Accel parameter to minimise chances of “ghost” car-to-car collisions in a Multiplayer Session

UI and HUD

  • Fixed back button on TimeTrial screen
  • Amended all brake bias labels to include F / R qualifier and all values to include front and rear.
  • Fixed telemetry HUD screen anchors (affects ultrawide positioning)
  • Fixed in-game menu anchors on various pages (audio, camera, controls & gameplay options screens, save/load setup, quick/full setup edit screens, VR)
  • Added Track Altitude information to loading screen
  • Added current time of day to Session Overview / Pause screens
  • Added Imola 1972 & Modern trackmaps
  • Added Stock Car Driver names
  • Updated missing tire names for Caterhams, F-Ultimate, Copa Classics
  • Added chat box to lobby page, multiplayer & pre-event screens
  • Fixed bug with incorrect engine torque statistic in vehicle selection & loading screen due to reversed metric / empiric system conversion
  • Adjusted naming for various Metalmoro MRX models
  • Fixed track country label on lobby page
  • Added exit confirmation to pre-event screen
  • Cooldown lap now defaults to manual player control


  • Standardized ranges, adjusted drag & lift increments per setting for cars with adjustable radiator & brake ducts
  • Adjusted brake heating for all prototypes & GT cars
  • Minor adjustments to Ultima Race, StockV8, F-Vintage tyre treads
  • Reduced roll inertia for StockV8, SuperV8, Ultima Race, Ultima
  • Slightly reduced grip off the ideal racing line
  • Reduced Metalmoro AJR diffuser efficiency
  • Adjusted StockV8 diffuser center of pressure slightly rearwards
  • Adjusted Roco, MRX, ARC Camaro engine torque curves
  • Moved default brake bias rearwards for Sprint Race, StockV8, Ultima Race


  • Slightly increased AI awareness of human players
  • AI performance tuning for GT3, StockV8, P1, P2, P3, P4, Ultima Race, Sprint Race, F3, F-Vintage classes


  • Spielberg: fixed hole in garage floor; replaced incorrect pit building walls & pit doors; remapped garage and pit stall locations; removed excess grid assignments (32 cars supported); rebuilt triggers.
  • Brands Hatch. Fixed bug with cars appearing to float over the track; adjusted rolling start location; revised track limits; fixed garage door collision


  • AJR: Adjusted Driver Animation; Added Imperio #175 & Mottin Racing 46 liveries
  • MRX: Corrected RPM LEDs for all variants
  • Ultima Race: Adjusted collision mesh
  • Puma P052: New liveries/updates/redesign for #01 #02 #04 #06 #07 #08 #10 #11 #12 #13 #19 #42 #53 #54 #69; Added community skins #17 #91

Automobilista 2 is now available on PC via Steam.