BattleBit Remastered – SG550 Pros and Cons

SG550 dominates in accuracy, vertical & horizontal recoil, ADS speed and reload speed. It’s versatile and effective weapon, which is often overshadowed by meta weapons. Muzzle flash is no problem, trust me.


It’s a weapon that doesn’t get much love and attention and is (currently) overshadowed by meta weapons. However, it’s still decent weapon. Why? That’s what I will write about in next chapters.

This guide will cover

  • pros & cons of SG550,
  • why you should give it a try,
  • comparison to other weapons,
  • possible loadouts/builds,
  • muzzle flash workaround.

Pros & Cons

First, let’s talk about numbers on this weapon (without any attachments).

Weapon Properties (No Attachments)

Damage: 27 👍

Vertical Recoil: 0,90 😳
Horizontal Recoil: 1,10 👍

Accuracy: 83,75 😳
Firerate: 700 👍
Muzzle Flash Scale: 1,00 😡

Control: 0,86 👍
Aim Down Time: 0,14 😳
Reload Time: 3,30 😳

See screenshot if that’s more comfortable for you.

excelent 😳
– lowest vertical recoil (of all assault rifles)
– shortest ADS (of all assault rifles)
– best accuracy (of all assault rifles)
– good & flexible upgrades
– quick reload (2nd, after AUG)
– sexy drop–mag reload animation (you bump the weapon)

bad 😡
– muzzle flash (highest of all assault rifles) (can be avoided with barrels, and one little trick hehehe)

good / neutral 👍
– decent (average) horizontal recoil
– average bullet velocity
– average damage
– good range (compared to SMGs)
– headshot multiplier

Why SG550?

Why you should give SG550 a try?

SG550 is the best assault rifle in terms of accuracy, vertical recoil and scoping time (ADS). Horizontal recoil, damage and reload time are decent. The biggest negative aspect of this weapon is the muzzle flash, which we can modify, workaround (with little trick) or just live with it (it’s possible, but you may go blind). SG550 also has more viable builds than just one, so you can modify the weapon to your prefferences (more on builds in next chapters).

SG550 also feels good.

These properties render this gun a jack of all trades. It’s decent at all ranges, it’s precise and easy to control. It has good reload time & ADS time. It is also quite flexible with different attachments, making it possible to manipulate properties to your liking. The only negative thing is the muzzle flash, which can be worked around with mid-range scope or flash hider/muzzle break/supressor.

Why SG550 is not meta?

Because competitive players care about TTK (time to kill), which is not the best for SG550. But bear with me here. TTK is theoretical number which represents how quickly you will kill an opponent (given bullets per second + damage of bullet). However, these charts do not consider other variables that are important in gunfights. For example, SG550 is superior with scoping time, which is something we should consider. Especially when SG550’s ADS is half of the other assault rifles. I’m not trying to tell you that SG550 is secretly meta, but I just wanted to tell you how deceiving these charts are. Because if you can’t handle the weapon, your TTK is gonna suck anyway. And SG550 is easy to handle.

SG550 vs. SMGs

SG550 has similar reload times (with upgrades) and recoils. It has better accuracy, range and bullet velocity. Honestly, this might not be a big deal. Unless you like to shoot helicopter pilots like I do, then it is a big deal. SG550 also does damage to vehicles, which some SMGs do not.

Muzzle Flash Workaround

Using tactical barrel and B-25 URK grip will make this weapon laser beam with 2,3 second reload. But it will also leave you with the annoying muzzle flash.

However, you can ignore muzzle flash with a simple trick.

You can use medium scope to visually block the muzzle. Use medium scope with center sight, and use center sight for your fights.

See the difference.

Normal Red Dot

Red Dot on top of medium scope

You might not see the difference here. Go and try out in Practice Mode yourselves. I honestly hate using centered sight on medium scope, but it really works.

Build #1: No recoil, no eyes

Underbarrel Rail: B-25 URK or Vertical Grip
Barrel: Tactical

Sight: up to your preferences
Camouflage: up to your preferences
Side Rail: up to your preferences
Magazine: Quick-A magazine

Why? This build utilizes tactical barrel, which effectively lowers your recoils. Because the recoils are low already, I’d recommend B-25 URK grip which also makes your reload quick af. But if you’re all about the vertical recoil, you can go for vertical grip.

This build doesn’t affect muzzle flash, so you may go blind when using this setup. However, you can workaround the muzzle flash with one simple trick in appropriate chapter.

See the setup & final properties here:

Build #2: Accurate, no muzzle

Underbarrel Rail: Vertical Grip
Barrel: Flash Hider or Muzzle Break

Sight: up to your preferences
Camouflage: up to your preferences
Side Rail: up to your preferences
Magazine: Quick-A magazine

Why? This build utilizes Flash Hider or Muzzle Break. Both of them will help you get rid of the muzzle, so you can use normal sights. However, these barrels will increase your vertical recoils, so I use vertical grip lower the vertical recoil again.

Flash Hider or Muzzle Break?

Flash Hider results in slightly higher vertical recoil, but it decreases horizontal recoil by a lot. It also boost accuracy. Because you can easily compensate vertical recoil with vertical grip, I’d always go Flash HIder, because horizontal recoil is also important. The difference in vertical recoil is ~0,07 (if you use vertical grip).

You could go Muzzle if you do not care about horizontal recoil or accuracy, but I honestly think that the diffrence is so small that Flash Hider is better.

See the setup & final properties here (with Flash Hider):

Build #3: Sneaky

Underbarrel Rail: Vertical Grip or B-25 URK or SE-5 grip
Barrel: Short Suppressor

Sight: up to your preferences
Camouflage: up to your preferences
Side Rail: up to your preferences
Magazine: Quick-A magazine

Why? This build utilizes Short Suppressor, which will eliminate all the muzzle and make your weapon less louder. I use this setup for night maps, as it helps you to be more stealthy and hard to find. I also like the pew–pew sound. Short suppressor slightly increases both recoils, which we can eliminate with B-25 URK grip. This grip also helps with reload time. Alternatively, you can use SE-5 grip for more less recoil, but I appreciate the reload time.

Or, if you want, you can use the vertical grip as well, but I think the recoil is low enough already.

Long Suppressor?

No. Long Suppressor raises your vertical recoil significantly, so we would need to use vertical grip to take it down. Instead, we can use the short supressor, which raises all the recoils slightly, which we can take down with B-25 URK. This grip will also help with reload time.

See the setup & final properties here:

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