How to Complete All Mini Games in DAVE THE DIVER

A quick guide to beating all three minigames. (Except Find the Pearl, which can’t really be gimmicked.) Has a link to a helper tool I made for the card matching game.

Shark Teeth

The secret to shark teeth is forcing Junak to have no option other than to click the weak tooth. There are 20 total teeth, so the quickest method is as follows.

  1. When the weak tooth is revealed, count the number of spaces to the right and subtract this number from 19. That’s the number of teeth you and Junak need to press. For quick reference, see the image above.
  2. Force a multiple of 4 on Junak’s turn. For example, if it’s your turn and there are 14 teeth remaining, choose 2 so that there are 12 remaining for Junak’s turn. (This is easiest if you go first, but if Junak goes first keep choosing 1 until an opportunity presents itself to force a multiple of 4.)
  3. Once you’ve forced a multiple of 4, compliment whatever Junak presses with the opposite, to keep forcing a multiple of 4. (e.g. if Junak chooses 3, choose 1.)
  4. Junak will be forced to choose the weak tooth.

Find the Pearl

This is the classic “shell game” format, where you just need to keep track of which crab has the pearl.

Do not risk substantial currency playing Follow the Pearl.

There is no way to gimmick this game, and it does increase in difficulty when you invest more.

Card Matching

This is a memory game that requires you to memorize the positions of cards as they flip over. No matter how much you invest, Junak is pretty bad and is easy to win if you have a perfect memory.

I have built a simple utility to help you keep track of where everything is.

You can find it here.

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