Best Choices Guide in Breakout 13

In this guide, we will discuss the optimal options for Breakout 13 without revealing any plot details. We won’t cover Quick Time Events (QTEs) or minigames, as they are generally easy to understand. However, if you require assistance with any minigames or QTEs, feel free to leave a comment, and I’ll include them. It’s worth mentioning that certain sections may require multiple selections, which will be indicated by commas.

Prologue: In the Name of Rehab

0.1: Feed It
0.3.1: Apologize
0.4: Obey
0.5: Pretend to Agree
0.6: Comfort Mom
0.7: Expose Misdeeds
0.8: Deny That you’re Lying
0.9.1: Refuse
0.13: Listen to Him
0.16: This is Illegal

Chapter 1: Life of Gratitude

1.1: Admit Attempted Escape
1.2: Compliment Him
1.3: Ask to Join
1.4: Taunt
1.5.1: Don’t Budge
1.6: Listen to Chen Song
1.7: At the Infirmary
1.8: Be Sarcastic
1.10: Disclose the Plan
1.11.1: Admit

Chapter 2: A Way Out

2.1: Bribe Officer Liu
2.2: Prove by Written Pledge
2.3.2: Officer Liu Borrowed my Money
2.4: I Really Can’t Take it Anymore
2.5.1: Beat Him Up
2.7: Qi Miao, Cui Nannan, Dr. Mi, Chen Song
2.9: Help Chen Song Escape
2.11: Take a Risk and Jump
2.12: I Fell Over and Injured Myself
2.13: Let’s Run Away Together

Chapter 3: Back to Reality

3.4: People Here are All on your Side
3.5.1: Do they know what happened in the school
3.6: Taunt
3.7.1: Plead with Mother
3.7.2: Accuse Principal Yang
3.8: Listen to Him
3.9: Give Me Electric Shock, Please Treat Me

Chapter 4: Fresh Start

4.5: Keep Aloof
4.6: None of Your Business
4.8: Report to Principal Yang
4.9.1: Stop Officer Liu
4.11: Hand Over the Mobile Phone
4.13: Plot, Confrontation, Betrayal
4.14: Hurt
4.16: Shoes, Pocket, Cuff
4.17: Give It to Him
4.18: Empty Liquor Bottle
4.20: Consent
4.21: Curious
4.22: Bully Fellow Students

Chapter 5: I Want to Go Home

5.1: Refuse to Answer
5.2: Loneliness
5.3: Tragedy
5.4: Agony
5.5: Agony
5.6.1: Hate Both
5.9: Take the Suspicious Stuff Away, Doubt, Talk to Suspicious Students, Challenge Qi Miao, Privately Release Unruly Students
5.11: Continue to Threaten The Members
5.13: Let Supervision Team Take Bribes
5.16: Hand Over
5.17: I Will Consider It By Myself
5.18: Help Jiang Hongwen and Cover Him Up

Chapter 6: Shadow Walker

6.1: Choose All
6.2: Got a New Way Out
6.7: You Wanna Open a School
6.8: He Envies your Income
6.9: Show Evidence
6.10: Chase Doctor Mi
6.11: Inspect School Cash Flow, Privately Collects Files about Electrotherapy, It’s Related to Lin-Lin’s Death, Protect Himself from Accident, That’s All
6.12: Refuse
6.14: Refuse to Leave
6.15: In Their Rebellion

Chapter 7: Catch at Shadows

7.1: Officer Li
7.2: Insist on Helping
7.3: Persuade Qi Miao
7.6: Stay Composed
7.7: Jiang Hongwen
7.9: In the Bedside Steel Pipe
7.10: Obey
7.11: Agree
7.12: Question Motives for Building School
7.13: Never Regret
7.15: Imply that Electrotherapy Device is Obsolete
7.16: Students’ Slander

Chapter 8: Out of Focus

8.1: Overturn the School, Rescue People and Run Away
8.2.1: A Symbol of Excellent Performance
8.2.2: Active Treatment and Serious Reflection
8.3: They’ll Patiently Instruct Us
8.5: There Are Side Effects
8.7: Promise Him
8.9.1: I’m Here Voluntarily
8.10: It’s a Scientific Treatment
8.11: It Hurts a Little
8.12.1: To Educate Me and Keep Me Sober
8.12.2: It Just Hurts a Little
8.12.3: I’m Really Awakened
8.13.1: This is Where I was Reborn
8.13.2: I Do
8.14: Let’s Overturn the School Together

Chapter End: Final Fantasy

9.2.1: I Understand Qi Miao
9.2.2: This Doesn’t Work
9.2.3: The Correction and Treatment
9.4: Apologize
9.9: Reject
9.15: It’s No More Than a Scam
9.16: Electroshock Therapy In and of Itself is Illegal
9.17: Are we Your Lab Rats
9.18: Raise a Hand
9.19: Raise a Hand
9.20: Raise a Hand
9.21: Raise a Hand
9.22: Raise a Hand

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