Bitlife Manic Mother Challenge

Bitlife Manic Mother Challenge Walkthrough Guide

The Manic Mother is the latest challenge that Bitlife has added to the game. If you’re one of the players trying to figure out how to complete the Manic Mother challenge, this guide will show you how to do it.

Bitlife Manic Mother Challenge Guide

Just like any other Bitlife challenge, you need to do a series of tasks to complete the Manic Mother challenge. Below is the list of the tasks that you need to do:

  1. Have 10+ baby daddies
  2. Insult each of your children
  3. Abandon each of your children
  4. Marry a man with 2+ children
  5. Insult each of your stepchildren

Have 10+ Baby Daddies

To start this challenge, create a female character and age until you finish high school. Once done, start hooking up and have at least 10 baby daddies. Make sure to select unprotected sex to ensure that you will get pregnant. Sleep with 10 or more people to have more than 10 babies.

Insult Each of Your Children

Once you achieved the first goal, find all of your babies and insult all of them. To insult your children, select a child, go to their profile, and click the insult option.

Abandon Each of Your children

After you successfully insulted all of your children, the next thing you have to do is abandon all of them. You can abandon your children by going to their profiles and click the abandon option.

Marry a Man with 2+ Children

The next objective is to marry a man with at least 2 children. Search for a man with two or more children by going to their profile. You can also use a dating app and simply search for specific options.

Insult Each of Your Stepchildren

After marrying a man with two or more children, you will now have access to the profile of the children. The last thing you have to do is insult all your stepchildren by simply going to their profile and click the insult option, similar to what you did to your own children.

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