How to Quick Select and Quick Switch in Sons Of The Forest

Quick tut on how to quickly select and switch in Sons of the Forest.


Firstly I would recommend changing your inventory button to TAB, no one likes reaching over to ‘I’

Also, take note of your drop button which by default is ‘G’

Quick Select

Instead of opening your full inventory to select an item, combine items with your backpack to add them to your quick slots.

Then you can hold your inventory button (TAB) to open the quick select backpack

Quick switching

Say you want to be able to switch between two weapons. For example, I want to use my axe, but have my stun baton as a backup.

Open the quick select bag and select the baton, and you will hold it in your hand.

Now open the quick select menu again, and select the axe.

Use the axe as you wish

When you want to quick switch to the baton, press ‘G’

This will INSTANTLY switch to the baton.

Note, you cannot press G again to switch back to the axe, pressing G again will holster the baton and you will be holding nothing.

You can also select things from your full inventory, they don’t have to be from the quick select menu, at least the second item doesn’t. Can’t confirm if the switch-to item needs to be on the bag or not.

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