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Black Clover Chapter 257 Raw Scan Spoilers and Release Date

Black Clover Chapter 257 is just around the corner and following the release of the previous chapter last week, fans are excited to witness what will happen in the next chapter. The fight between Dante and Yami is not yet finished and the next chapter may feature the outcome of their battle.

In the previous chapter 256, fans have witnessed how Yami makes his way against Dante. Yami showcased how powerful he becomes after his training which is the reason why he was able to take on the powerful enemy in front of him. With the epic fight between the two powerful monsters, Black Clover fans can’t wait to see who will be the victor.

When is the Black Clover Chapter 257 release date?

Black Clover is one of the manga series and part of the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. The author has been releasing new chapters every week and if you’re looking for the release date of Chapter 257, then this guide will surely help you.

As for the upcoming Chapter 257, it seems that Asta fans will have to wait a little longer as Yuki Tabata seems to be taking a short break. That being said, the new Black Clover Chapter 257 has been rescheduled to release on July 12th.

Once the official chapter releases, you can read the latest Black Clover chapter from the official distributors such as Viz Media and Manga Plus. For fans who want to read the new chapter of the manga series on mobile phones, we recommend downloading the Shonen Jump app or Manga Plus app. These two mobile applications are offering free access to the latest manga releases.

Black Clover Chapter 257

What happened in Chapter 256?

Before heading to the spoilers of the upcoming chapter, let’s have a look back on what happened in the previous chapter.

The highlights of Black Clover Chapter 256 is the head-to-head match between Dante and Yami. After months of training, Black Clover fans have witnessed the overall improvements of Yami. Dante tried to push Yami as much as he can but the captain of the Black Bull squad managed to stop him.

As they fight, Dante revealed the story behind how the dark triads are devil possessors who are not allowed to use their 100% of devil’s power due to the fact that they come from two different dimensions. As seen in the previous chapter, even Vanica only used seventy percent of her power and Zenon also can’t draw their full potential of the devil powers.

With Yami’s overwhelming strength, Dante released more of his power which is now at eighty percent. Yami tried to counter Dante with his dark dimension slash but it’s not enough to take on Dante’s powerup.

Unlike the other enemies out there, Dante can regenerate faster, which means that a simple attack will not be able to do some damage to him. Due to Dante’s great regeneration, Yami decides to condensed his mana zone and immediately released a powerful attack towards Dante.

Yami’s attack caught Dante by surprised and we got to see the enemy split into two. The previous chapter ends on that scene and even us is still not sure if the enemy is still alive. In the upcoming chapter, we might see the outcome of their battle. Did Yami really get Dante?

Is there a Chapter 257 spoilers?

Just like the other popular manga out there, Black Clover spoilers are also being leaked ahead of the chapter’s official release. The Black Clover raw scans and spoilers are usually get leaked 2 to 3 days before the official release. These spoilers are translated by the fans, so expect that there will be some scanlation errors.

As of the moment, the spoilers and raw scans for the upcoming Black Clover Chapter 257 are not yet available. These spoilers and raw scans come first on popular communities such as Reddit. If you want to read the details before the scheduled release date, we recommend checking out the Black Clover subreddit.

About Black Clover

Black Clover follows the story of Asta, a boy born without any magical power. Asta dreams of becoming the next Wizard King and with the help of the devil inside him and his friends, he starts striving to achieve his dream.

Black Clover is a Japanese manga series written by Yuki Tabata. The manga series was serialized by Shueisha in February 2015. Since its serialization, the manga already reached 28 volumes. In October 2017, studio Pierrot released the first season of the anime adaptation of Black Clover.

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