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Black Clover Chapter 257 Raw Scan Spoilers Leaked

As expected, the details of the upcoming Black Clover Chapter 257 have been leaked online. Raw scans and spoilers have become a norm when a manga becomes popular. As for the new Chapter 257 of Black Clover manga, fans are getting the early details of the chapter. All thanks to the leaked raw scans on Reddit. If spoilers are not your cup of tea, we recommend stopping reading from here. If not, then let’s get started.

Black Clover Chapter 257 Spoilers

According to the leaked details on Reddit, Black Clover Chapter 257 will be featuring the continuation of the fight between Dante and Yami.

Yami will be showing off his increased power against Dante but it seems that the villain still can take on Dante’s attack. Apart from these, the spoilers also show Asta being on the ground. It seems that our main protagonist is also having a hard time facing the enemy.

Despite the combined power of Asta and Yami, Dante still managed to defend himself. As seen in the raw scan leaked online, Dante will be using the eighty percent of his devil power.

Chapter 257 leaked spoilers also suggest that it will mark the end of the team-up between Yami and Asta to defeat Dante.

Did the duo really defeat the powerful enemy in front of them? Let’s find out once the official Black Clover Chapter 257 releases online. You can read the upcoming chapter from the official distributors such as Viz Media and Manga Plus by Shueisha.

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