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One Piece Chapter 924: Who Is The Mysterious Prisoner In Wano Arc?

One of the biggest question in One Piece Chapter 924 last week is the mysterious man in the prison who throws a bone to one of Kaido’s guard. Who is this mysterious prisoner and what could be his role in Wano Arc?

Before we start, we would like to remind you that this is just a theory of the author. Also, this post may include spoilers for the upcoming One Piece chapters.

Mysterious Prisoner Identity Prediction

Following the release of One Piece Chapter 924 last week, One Piece fans are wondering who is the man behind the bars that throws the fishbone to the guard. While its identity is not yet officially revealed, there’s one person that comes into my mind.

Some claimed that the one who throws the fishbone is Kid, but I’m afraid I have to disagree with that. In my theory, this mysterious prisoner could be one of the three samurais that Kinemon mentioned before. We already know that Ashura Douji, aka Shutenmaru, is one of them. So there are still two missing samurais in action.

The location of the remaining two samurais are still unknown, but Kinemon believes that the second samurai is working under Kurozumi Orochi. Which means, we are now looking for the third and final samurai that will complete the team.

As stated earlier, the mysterious prisoner could be one of the three samurais. As we all know, Kaido is still gathering strong people that will join his crew. One of these strong people that Kaido invites is the samurai Shutenmaru.

Since Kaido already invited Shutenmaru, there’s a big chance that he also asks the other two strong samurais. The second samurai may have already joined Kaido since it is already working under Orochi and the third samurai could be the mysterious man being imprisoned.

Unlike Shutenmaru who are still on the run, it’s unfortunate for the third samurai as he was captured and put in jail. Kaido once said that he would break their spirits until they joined his pirate crew, but it seems like the third samurai has a strong will and integrity, similar to Kid which is also being held in prison for some time now.

That’s all for now pirates. Do you agree that the third samurai is the mysterious man behind bars? For now, all we have to do is wait for the release of the new chapters and see how things unfold.

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