Asta Saves Nacht

Black Clover Sees Asta Saving Nacht Faust Against the Highest-Ranking Devils

Author Yuki Tabata has returned with the newest Black Clover Chapter 287 featuring Asta arriving in the Spade Kingdom. The newest manga chapter of Black Clover teases the power improvement of Asta following his training with Liebe.

Chapter 287 of the Black Clover manga series covered the continuation of the fight between Nacht, the Vice-Captain of Black Bull, against Lilith and Naamah. The chapter reveals that Nacht only managed to make a contract with min-ranking devils and with the threat he’s facing right now, he needs to do something.

Did Nacht Defeat the Two Highest-Ranking Devils alone?

Unfortunately, the power of Nacht Faust wasn’t enough to defeat Lilith and Naamah, two of the highest-ranking devils that appeared during the raid at the Spade Kingdom. Nacht tried to combine two of his devils making the Mode Gallus x Felis form, he was still not able to defeat the devils.

Nacht Gallus x Felis Mode
Nacht Gallus x Felis Mode | Black Clover Chapter 287

Nacht realized that his power is not enough when the two highest-ranking devils easily destroyed his dark magic. The Vica-Captain of Black Bull also sees that the two devils are just having fun while he is fighting seriously.

Asta Arrives and Saved Nacht Faust

The devils expressed their powers to Nacht by torturing him. Nacht was seen in total pain while the two devils are laughing out loud. Just before Nacht gets killed, one of the devils asked him about his last words. The devil is about to take the life of the Vice-Captain of the Black Bull but fortunately, Asta arrives in his union mode.

Asta Saves Nacht
Asta Saves Nacht | Black Clover Chapter 287

Asta rushed in and slashed the hand of the devil trying to kill Nacht. “What are you doing to the vice-captain of Black Bull?” Asta fearlessly asking the two high-ranking devils.

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