Blood of Steel

Blood of Steel – Richard I Tips and Strategy Guide

This guide will be covering the tips and strategy for Richard I in Blood of Steel. If you’re one of the players who loves using tank heroes, this one is for you.

Richard I is one of the tank heroes that you can use in Blood of Steel. Tank heroes are considered as one of the most important roles in the game as they will be the wall for his allies.


This strategy is to analyze Richard I, the cooperation and use skills in qualifying
It will also introduce the 5v5 ranked game, whether you are in a single queue or duo queue, this guide is also applicable.

It’s about a Ranked Mode strategy, a lot of data is needed to support it. Living up to expectations, I played the character of Richard I, and the number of games has reached a certain level. Use accumulated experience to share your mental journey in qualifying.

Blood of Steel

Role Positioning (Ranked mode)

The 5v5 ranked mode, most of the maps except for the five cavalries. The basic formation is a big shield, a small shield, an archer, a cavalry, and a DPS/pikeman, and Richard I was the big shield used for line.

There are two ways to qualify:

Single Queue

Solo-If other teammates did not choose a shield soldier. You have to work with the archer to protect the archer. It depends on the situation to block arrows but also depends on the situation to guard the stairs.

But if the team has Diaochan, and if she is willing to be responsible for protecting the archers. According to different circumstances, you are still in the front row of your camp.

Duo Queue

  • Teammates are Archers – Since Richard I was a hero by skills, his purely protecting archers was wasted. Because he doesn’t have the ability to restore blood to the archer (e.g. Victoria). He walks slowly and can’t grab the high platform synchronously with the archer. Richard I was not a purely protective role for archers. If other teammates choose Small Shield. You can still choose Richard I.
  • Teammates are Cavalry – You must pay attention to this combination. Basically, you can only go to the forefront. But teammates have to be a scout and roaming
    Apart from Rush Way, it is very difficult for you to cooperate with duo queue friends, except at the war beginning.
  • Teammates is DPS (two-handed sword) – Although it can cooperate with the battle and output. But the archer and the small shield are also handed over to the wild man. The level of risk is quite high.
  • Teammates are Small Shields/Pikemen – Because the double queuing friends are the job of protecting the archers. Only the most important archer can be entrusted to the savage. The degree of cooperation of this kind becomes passive. Fail to cooperate well.

All in all, it’s best to be an archer in a double line. The above is the general style of play, except for double cavalry and Rush of play.

Guide by Shadow Assassin.

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