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Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 262 Release Date, Predictions: Mirko vs Top-Level Nomus

With the release of the previous chapter of My Hero Academia, fans are excited to see an all-out fight between Mirko against the high-level Nomus in My Hero Academia Chapter 262. Unfortunately, Boku no Hero Academia manga enthusiasts will have to wait for some time due to the one-week break that the team announced.

My Hero Academia Chapter 261 Recap

The My Hero Academia Chapter 261 titled “High-Ends” features the continuation of the Paranormal Liberation War Arc. Currently, the heroes have successfully infiltrated the Jaku Hospital where Dr. Kyudai Garaki has been performing experiments in his underground laboratory.

Mirko, who found the laboratory, killed Johnny. Johnny is one of Dr. Kyudai Garaki’s creation but unlike the other Nomus, he considered Johnny as his friend. Mirko informed all the other heroes about the situation and she was instructed to capture Dr. Garaki.

Mirko rushed his way to attack Dr. Kyudai Garaki but unfortunately, her attack was unsuccessful. The evil doctor activated some of his favorite creations, the high-end Nomus. Unlike the normal Nomu that the other heroes are fighting in the hospital, these Nomus can speak and are made to battle against the heroes.

While her opponents are far more powerful than normal Nomu, Mirko vowed to capture Dr. Garaki and is ready to do her best to take down the opponents. Will she be able to defeat all the enemies?

My Hero Academia Chapter 262 Predictions

In the upcoming Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 262, fans may see the Mirko’s true power. She is expected to fight against a number of Nomu’s protecting Dr. Garaki. However, it seems that Mirko can’t stand against the high-level Nomu.

As seen in Chapter 261, Mirko already suffered some injuries after receiving an attack from one Nomu. While we don’t want to see a hero getting hurt, there’s a huge chance that Mirko will be defeated and Dr. Garaki will escape.

My Hero Academia Chapter 262 Release Date

As mentioned above, Boku no Hero Academia will be on a hiatus for one whole week. This only means that the upcoming chapter will be available on March 2, 2020.