One Piece Chapter 942 Spoilers

One Piece Chapter 942 Predictions, Release Date: Saving The Witching Hour Boy

The big battle between the Straw Hat alliance and the Beast Pirates is getting near in the Wano Arc and while everyone is waiting for the big day, another unexpected revelation just happened in the previous chapter.

As revealed in Chapter 941, Lord Yasuie, who is the witching hour boy, has been captured and is about to face execution. Upon hearing the news about his father, Toko immediately stood up and run headed to the Flower Capital thinking he can save his father. However, things may get worse if they reached the Flower Capital as it is where Komurasaki’s fake funeral takes place.

UPDATE: One Piece Chapter 942 Spoilers is OUT!

Most of the fans are curious about how will things go in the next chapter. It’s still unsure if there will be a leaked spoiler for this chapter, but knowing that someone always leaks it, expect to see it in the next few hours. So before the official spoilers releases, let’s talk about the events that may happen in the next chapter.

One Piece Chapter 942 Predictions

In the previous chapter, we have seen Shutenmaru heading to Bakura Town after the forest fire. That being said, there may be a clash between Shutenmaru and Beast Pirates as one of the headliner Holdem is in that place.

Big Mom and company finally arrived in the Prisoner’s Mine without getting noticed as they are busy watching Komurasaki’s funeral. At the end of the chapter, we may see Toko arriving at the execution area and Yasu speaks his final words about Orochi.

One Piece Chapter 942 Release Date

This article is just a prediction and theory by the author. Let’s see how things unfold once One Piece Chapter 942 officially releases on May 13th. Digital scans of the chapter usually release earlier, so expect to see them this weekend.

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