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Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 273 Raw Scan Spoilers Leaked

The war between the heroes and villains continues in My Hero Academia Chapter 273. Following the awakening of the main villain of the series, it seems that the villains are now in the upper hand.

Will our heroes be able to stop Shigaraki knowing that he’s finally awake with new power? Let’s find out in the Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 273 spoilers which have been leaked online.

My Hero Academia Chapter 273 Spoilers Leaked

According to the leaked spoilers, the new chapter will begin with the Class 1-A students handling the situation. Uraraka and Tsuyu have been spotted running for their lives because of Shigaraki’s decay. With the approaching decay, Deku used his St. Louis Smash Air Force with 45% of his power to temporary stop the decay.

The spread continues with Shigaraki as he stands at the center of his destruction. While things are getting out of control for the Paranormal Liberation Front, Shigaraki realized that all of their plans are now back to its plan. The villain then calls on Gigantomachia and told him to gather everyone and told them to destroy everything. Gigantomachia responds with affirmation.

The manga transitioned to the mansion where Fatgum sees Tokoyami flying with the unconscious Hawks. Fatgum immediately turned and realized that Tokoyami’s ability can keep them safe.

Then, we got to see the punch of My. Lady which sends Geten backwards. Just a few moments, an unidentified member of Paranormal Liberation Front appeared and immediately jumped slashed her along with the other heroes around.

The scene moved to Dabi where he meets Mr. Compress while sitting and watching the battle. Mr. Compress discussed that Twice’s death upsets Toga. Meanwhile, the scene shifts to Toga and while she was talking, Gang Orca suddenly appeared.

The final spread of the chapter sees Endeavor approaching Shigaraki. While he’s the number 1 hero, it seems that Shigaraki is unfazed and ready to fight him.

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