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One Piece Sees Ulti vs Big Mom’s Destructive Homies Fusion Attack

Manga creator Eiichiro Oda has been doing a really great job with his masterpiece. The One Piece manga has been getting intense as we are getting close to the final moments of the Wano Country Arc. But before we see the outcome of the war against Yonko Kaido, One Piece surprised fans with its newest manga chapter instalment featuring the clash between Yonko Big Mom and Ulti of the Beasts Pirates.

One Piece Chapter 1013 titled “Big Mom’s Anarchy” features the continuation of the fight on the flying island of Onigashima. The manga chapter immediately starts with Nami confronting Ulti after attacking the young O-tama. Unlike the other pirates, Nami is a kindhearted woman who values the life of everyone.

After seeing O-tama being attacked by Ulti, both Big Mom and Nami got angered. In the cliffhanger of One Piece Chapter 1012, Nami was seen attacking Ulti with conviction. Ulti was brought to the ground and the next chapter sees the member of the Tobiroppo standing on her feet.

Nami prepared her attack by quickly spinning her baton and after the preparation, she launched her Tornado Tempo attack. It was a direct hit to her opponent, however, her attack did not work against the ancient Zoan devil fruit user.

Nami was caught off guard when Ulti suddenly appeared from the smoke that her Tornado Tempo created. Ulti grabbed her arms and prepared to headbutt Nami. Ulti was about to end Nami’s life but fortunately, Big Mom stepped in and attacked the member of the Beasts Pirates.

In one of the manga panels, Big Mom fused Napoleon, Prometheus, and Hera. After the fusion of her three homies, Yonko Big Mom launched her attack called Maser Cannon towards Ulti.

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Napoleon, Prometheus, and Hera’s Fusion Attack | One Piece Chapter 1013

Big Mom’s attack directly hits Ulti’s chest putting the Dragon-Dragon Fruit, Pachycephalosaurus Model-user back to the ground. This was Ulti’s last appearance in Chapter 1013 and the manga didn’t confirm if she was still alive.

After the successful attack, Big Mom’s three homies celebrated after the successful combined attack against their enemy. “That’s what you get for laying your hands on Otama,” was Big Mom’s last words to Ulti.

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