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Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 275 Spoilers, Release Date: One for All vs All for One

Paranormal Liberation War Arc in My Hero Academia is getting near to its climax. Boku no Hero Academia fans are about to get one of the most awaited match up between the series’ main protagonist and antagonist. Will it be happening in My Hero Academia Chapter 275? Let’s see what will happen in the next chapter.

My Hero Academia Chapter 274 Recap

Following Shigaraki’s awakening, the number 1 pro hero Endeavor had a chance to fight the villain one-on-one. While Endeavor had more experience when it comes to fighting, it seems that Shigaraki can easily deal with his attacks.

Endeavor tried his best attack to take down the villain but Shigaraki seems acquired the regeneration quirk which allows him to heal himself. As the two fights, Shigaraki realized that despite all the Quirks that his master gathered, something is still missing and it was One of All.

At the same time, Shigaraki seems to use the search quirk making it easier for him to track Deku’s location. On the other side, Deku also heard that the villain is aiming for his quirk which forced him to make a decision to avoid more casualties.

Shigaraki quickly jumped and started heading to Deku’s location. At the same time, Deku speaks with Endeavor telling him the possibility that the villain is after him. Deku decides to lure Shigaraki away from the civilians while Bakugo was also ready to support his fellow hero.

My Hero Academia Chapter 275 Spoilers

In the upcoming chapter, we might not see the confrontation between Deku and Shigaraki. The chance of the face-off of the two characters is not yet ready. I believe that Chapter 275 will feature more fight between Shigaraki and Endeavor. This may be a turn of events for the Class 1-A students, especially to Todoroki.

There’s a theory that Endeavor’s death will bring a huge impact to the Pro Heroes Association. It will also trigger more character development to Midoriya, Bakugo, and Todoroki.

Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 275 is scheduled to release on Sunday, June 14, 2020. You can read the upcoming chapter from the official partners of the manga series such as Viz Media and Manga Plus.