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One Piece Chapter 986 Events and Wiki

One Piece Chapter 986 is titled “My Name”, featuring Gang Bege’s Oh My Family Volume 31 titled “Escaping the Marines and the Weird Self-Proclaimed Father” as a cover page. The 986th chapter of One Piece manga series by Eiichiro Oda was released on August 3, 2020.

One Piece Chapter 986

One Piece Chapter Summary

At the back entrance of Onigashima, the members of the Nine Red Scabbards gathered led by Kinemon and Denjiro. Kanjuro was spotted on the ground while Kiku and Kawamatsu were seen crying. At the very same moment, they have seen Izu. The Nine Red Scabbards started the raid by taking down all the opponents who tried to stop them at the gate.

Meanwhile, Kaido asked Orochi subordinate if they want to join him. With the current situation of Orochi’s subordinate, they decided to join forces with Kaido which includes 5000 Oniwaban and 5000 samurais. Upon seeing the decisions made by Orochi’s subordinate, Hyogoro stands out while shouting if they have forgotten the warrior’s code.

The scene moves to Big Mom along with Nami and Carrot who have been captured. Shinobu took the opportunity to escape Big Mom to find Momonosuke. Back to Kaido, the Yonko found himself asking Momonuske if he was really the son of Kozuki Oden and Toki.

The next event shows Luffy removing Yamato’s handcuffs while Ulti was seen reporting Yamato and Luffy’s action. Ussop and Chopper continue their run with the help of General Franky. At the same time, the Nine Red Scabbards also started the raid. Luffy and Yamato are now heading to the Live Stage.

Back to the execution platform, Momonosuke finally answered Kaido’s question and shouted that he was Momonosuke Kozuki while telling that he will be the one who will become the new Shogun of the Wano Country. Kaido was shocked by the young lord’s reply and decides to execute him. However, just before he hit Momonosuke with his weapon, the Red Scabbards attacked Kaido which stopped the Yonko from taking Momonosuke’s life. The appearance of Red Scabbards also surprised the King, Queen, and Jack.

One Piece Chapter 986 Notes

  • The Guardians arrive on Onigashima.
  • Kanjuro was spotted on the ground as he was defeated by the Red Scabbards.
  • After fighting Kanjuro and the other enemies, Denjiro, Kenimon, and the other allies entered Kaido’s castle.
  • Nami and Carrot were captured by Big Mom while Shinobu was seen escaping.
  • Luffy removed the handcuffs on Yamato’s hand.
  • Luffy and Yamato escaped and appear at the Live Stage.
  • Kaido was attacked by the Red Scabbards as they try to save Momonosuke.