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Book Worm Achievement – Loop Hero

Book worm
Unlock all the encyclopedia

How to Unlock Book worm Achievement

This is one of the trickiest achievements to get since there are a couple of enemies and tiles that can be difficult to discover without a guide. I’ll try to quickly list all of the ones I can find here, but I would advise you to look up another guide for this.

Rare Tiles

  • Blood Path – Place two Battlefields together.
  • Ransacked Village – Put a Vampire Mansion next to a village.
  • Count’s Lands – After 3 loops, the Ransacked Village will transform into this.
  • A Village? – Appears after placing ten forests.
  • Overgrown Field – Place Wheat Fields next to a village, and then delete the village with an oblivion card. You can also place Wheat Fields next to the A Village? tile, and it will directly transform into Overgrown Field.
  • Bridge – Pace a river on top of the road.
  • Shipwreck – Place a river next to a Battlefield.
  • Goblin Camp – Appears after placing ten mountains.
  • Goblin Lookout – Place a swamp next to a Goblin Camp.
  • Abandoned Bookery – A Bookery will transform into this after exchanging 20 cards.
  • Hungry Grove – Place a Blood Grove next to a Grove and then delete the Grove with an oblivion card.
  • Bandit Camp – Pace two villages and it will appear next to one of them. Make sure to have space for it.
  • Reed – Place a river next to the road and it will become a Reed.
  • Mountain Peak – Place nine rocks or mountains in a 3×3 formation.
  • Blooming Meadow – Place a meadow next to any other structure.
  • Oasis – Place a River next to a Desert or Sand Dunes tile.
  • Burned Forest – Place a Storm Temple next to a forest.
  • Town – Place Suburbs in a diamond formation.
  • Empty Treasury – Place a Treasury and completely surround it.

Rare Enemies

  • Blood Clot – Spawns in Blood Paths.
  • Ghost – Enemies killed within the area of a battlefield may transform into this.
  • Ghost of a Ghost – A Ghost may transform into this when killed.
  • Prime Matter – A Ghost of a Ghost may transform into this when killed.
  • Vampire Mage – A Vampire that appears within the area of an Abandoned Bookery will transform into this.
  • Watcher – Appears in battles within the area of a Temporal Beacon.
  • Watcher Mage – Same as with Vampires, watchers will transform into this when they are within the area of an Abandoned Bookery.
  • Field of Blades – Spawns in Overgrown Fields.
  • Fishman – Spawns in Reeds), Siren – appears in Shipwrecks.
  • Jellyfish – Spawned by Sirens in the third or fourth bosses.
  • Dark Slime – This one is tricky. Force a Goblin Camp to appear, wait until the second goblin is about to spawn and, once the sprite is walking towards the road, delete the Goblin Camp with an Oblivion card. When you fight the remaining Goblin, the Dark Slime will be there replacing the Gobling you just deleted.

Rare Resources

  • The only resource that may be tricky to get is the Astral Orb. In my opinion, the easiest way to farm these is by killing Vampire Mages.

Rare Camp Items

  • There are no rare camp items. You can only get this at random, so it’s just about luck.
Guide by Gin.

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