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Boruto Chapter 49 Spoilers, Release Date: Isshiki Otsutsuki Arrives in Konoha

Ukyo Kodachi’s Boruto Chapter 49 is just around the corner. Following the release of the previous chapter, fans are now thrilled to see what happens next in Ukyo Kodachi’s Boruto: Naruto Next Generations manga series.

The last chapter showcased the fight between Isshiki Otsutsuki and Koji Kashin. As seen in Chapter 47, Koji was a cloned of Jiraiya. While Jiraiya is strong enough to fight formidable opponents in Naruto Shippuden, it seems that the power of Isshiki is far way stronger than we think.

Koji was being overpowered by Isshiki and he’s now in a tight situation. After being crushed by the power of the enemy. Isshiki Otsutsuki intends to kill Koji but before making an attack, he was surprised by another technique from Koji. At that very same moment, Koji disappeared from the battlefield leaving Isshiki behind. Koji’s destination is still unknown but the enemy thinks that he might go for Amado’s head.

Right after the fight, Isshiki immediately teleports to Konoha Village. As he arrives, Naruto is still having an argument with Boruto. Their argument was stopped when Naruto received the news of an unknown chakra entering the Konoha. Naruto, Sasuke, and the others are already expecting Isshiki Otsutsuki’s arrival. Now that the enemy has officially entered the Konoha Village, fans are expecting to see a huge fight. Will the Konoha be destroyed against just like what happened when Pain attacked the village? Let’s find out once the new Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 49 releases.

When is the Boruto Chapter 49 release date?

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 49

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is one of the manga series that has been getting one new chapter every month. Now that we already got to read the new chapter this month, expect to see another chapter in August.

If you’re one of the fans who are waiting to see Naruto and Sasuke back in action again, make sure to mark your calendar for the release of Boruto Chapter 49 on August 20, 2020.

Where to read Boruto Chapter 49 online?

Boruto Chapter 49

Being part of the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, you can read the next chapter of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations on the issue that will be released on August 20th. For fans who want to read the new chapter online for free, just visit the official manga distributors such as Viz Media and Manga Plus by Shueisha.

In case you can’t find the new chapter on the scheduled release date, we recommend checking the official Boruto website or any relevant media channels. These sources usually announce if there is a delay.

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